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Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 13:34:31 -0700
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Hi everyone,

Below is a copy of a (by now) already widely distributed message announcing the opening of a Web site by the Zimbabwe Democracy Trust.


It is a striking fact that while 63% of Zimbabweans believe "it is time for a change" and 65% that Mugabe should step down, 68% are afraid of criticising the government because they fear that they may be harmed for speaking out.

The country is on the brink of economic meltdown. Intimidation, murder, rape and savage beatings are a daily reality in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe Democracy Trust has been formed specifically to give hope and support to the silent majority of people in Zimbabwe who want free and fair elections, the return of law and order and the chance of a decent life for themselves and their children.

The ZDT is a non-partisan organisation whose objective is the promotion and restoration of democracy and freedom in Zimbabwe. We do not support any political party or individual. Our short term goal is to put pressure on Mugabe to keep his promise of a free and fair election with a secret ballot, and to monitor every aspect of this election. Our longer term objective is to promote and support the establishment of a stable multi-party political system in Zimbabwe and to foster freedom, democracy and economic growth.

The forthcoming election -- if it takes place -- is the single most important ballot ever to be held in Zimbabwe. The Government-controlled media, as ever, are distorting the truth and are using the land issue to distract attention from twenty years of missed opportunities, corruption and incompetence. That is why the ZDT will play a vital role in setting out the true facts and informing debate through our independent Web site:


We will also work with our eminent and growing board of patrons to highlight the truth in the United Kingdom and throughout the Commonwealth and the rest of the world. We are pleased to include among them Lady Soames DBE, Lord Taylor of Warwick, Sir Malcom Rifkind MP, Dr. Chester Crocker, Lord Steel of Aikwood, Baroness Chalker of Wallasey and Sir Richard Luce.

Please take the trouble to visit our Web site which tells you about us. It contains the facts, up-to-date news from leading international editors and true stories every day from eyewitnesses in Zimbabwe. If you can make a contribution to the Trust, it would be much appreciated and you will find how you can do that at our Web site. Help us to restore democracy and law and order to Zimbabwe by spreading the truth.


Yours sincerely,


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