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Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 01:11:10 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#49 -- MDC Domestic and Overseas Account Details
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Hi everyone,

Once more before the elections I am sending out the MDC account information. Last time I did so there was just one overseas account, but now there are several. I have also received feedback on how easy it is (or isn't, as the case may be) to make a donation. However, "easiness" shouldn't be the deciding factor.

For those in the UK it seems to be very easy to effect a transfer to the MDC account in the UK over the telephone (assuming your bank has this facility). Just ensure you have the information for the UK account ready for the person you are speaking to on the phone (as well as your own account details, of course).

For those in the US it would seem to be a little less straightforward, but still fairly easy never-the-less. The only information I have is with respect to the Bank of America, but one would assume that most of the major American banks would operate in a similar manner. You have to go into your branch and arrange to "wire" the funds by filling out a "Funds Transfer Request and Authorization". On this form (which may differ in name and format from bank to bank) there is a field which asks for the "ID of Beneficiary Bank (e.g. Routing / ABA Number - if available)". The number required is the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide International Financial Communications) code which is NWB KGB 2L. If there is not a similarly named field on the form you use, the teller should be able to assist you.

A third option is to simply post a cheque or money order to the bank payable to the account name. As I have no feedback on this method, I do not know for sure if it is an acceptable method, although I don't see why it wouldn't be.

A fourth option, for those in Zimbabwe, is simply to drop a suitcase load of Zim dollars at the local MDC or Pricewaterhouse Coopers office.

All but the last account below are listed on the MDC Web site at http://www.in2zw.com/mdc/help.htm and there are more details available there. Please read the details associated with the last account in the list below so that you know what it is for and the differences between it and the other account in the UK.

If you have details on what you have to go through to make a donation from your country, please e-mail them to me at DELETED . Thanks.

The elections are this weekend, so if you haven't yet donated, now is the time to do so. Remember, a small amount of foreign currency can make a big difference in Zim dollars, so please contribute!


National Westminster Bank
City of London Branch
1 Princes Street
London EC2R 8PB
United Kingdom

Account Name: MDC Trust UK
Account Number: 71070397
Sort Code: 50-00-00

SWIFT Code (see note above): NWB KGB 2L


Commonwealth Bank

Account Name: Friends of MDC
Account Number: 1018 3641
BSB Number: 06 2028


Cape of Good Hope Bank
P.O. Box 2125
Cape Town, 8000
Republic of South Africa

Account Name: ZIMSA Trust
Account Number: 9325388
Branch Number: 1000909


P.O. Box MP374
Mount Pleasant

Account Name: MDC Trust Fund
Send cheques.


1) Anonymous cash donations may be made to the MDC via Pricewaterhouse Coopers at their offices in Arundel Park in Harare.

2) Take the money to the MDC Support Centre, 8th Floor, Gold Bridge, Eastgate, Harare, or telephone them on 091367151/2/3 and the MDC will collect it from you.

3) You can contact the MDC support centre in Harare on 091 367 151/2 or in Bulawayo on 011631 229-30 for further advice.


A note about this account: There has been some confusion about the existence of two MDC accounts in the UK. Hopefully I will not add to the confusion by including them in this message. My goal is to give *you* the choice of where to send your money and how *you* would like to see it used. This account is not listed on the MDC Web site and I have not yet had independent confirmation of its purpose, although MDC (UK) claims to operate with the blessing of the MDC in Zimbabwe. Additionally, the Chairman of this account is Eldridge Culverwell, and his contact information *does* appear on the MDC Web site at http://www.in2zw.com/mdc/help.htm (where the other accounts are listed) so one could reasonably assume that, although this account is not listed on the MDC Web site, it does indeed operate with the knowledge and blessing of the MDC.

The information I have from the MDC (UK) organisation, whose account details appear below, is that this account funds lobbying activities in London (where most of the overseas lobbying must, of historical necessity, occur), including bringing MDC people from Zimbabwe to London, as well as sending some money back to the MDC in Zimbabwe. Considering the rapid rise to prominence of the MDC, the organisers admit that their organisation and dissemination of information leaves room for improvement, but in lieu of that for now they have been very willing to provide contact information (e-mail addresses and telephone numbers).

If you wish more information on this account, please initiate contact with Patrick McKenna via e-mail at xhv05@dial.pipex.com .

National Westminster Bank
P.O. Box 5
1st floor
County House
221-241 Beckenham Road
United Kingdom

Account Name: MDC (UK)
Account Number: 54065852
Sort Code: 60-02-12

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