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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 00:04:51 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#66 -- Election Bulletin #2 -- Report from Harare
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Hi everyone,

An election report from Harare.


My wife and I had planned to vote at midday on the first day of voting but changed our mind when we heard about the large queues. My friend queued for 3 hours.

We decided to brave the dawn and awoke on the second day of polling at 05:30. We had breakfast and met our 5 workers in our car park at 6:45 am.

We all arrived at the polling station at 6:57 to find a mixed black and white crowd of about 20 in an orderly queue. Promptly we started to move forward at 07:00. After presenting our ID our hands were scanned to ensure that we had not previously voted and then we passed on to be checked that we were on the voters roll. As to be expected this was a mess. Although they had split the roll into 4 separate sections, there was no sign the indicate what part of the alphabet was included in each location. This meant a disorganized scramble to find where to go, I found mine after waiting my turn at 2 others.

The rest went fairly smoothly. Everyone that was voting was cheerful and chatty and the mood was one of cautious optimism. One of my workers that had recently returned from leave in the rural areas told me that 'no one is going to vote for ZA_NU (PF)'. On the day before the election my wife reported that a shop attendant had told her that 'after the election they will give Mu_gabe 15 minutes to get out of the country. Everyone here is very angry with him. At this point in time we are all very positive about the outcome of the election but uncertain about how Mu_gabe will react to his defeat.

Sorry about the '_'s, the purpose of this is to defeat any word search eavesdropping.

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