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Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 01:58:49 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#80 -- MDC Shadow Cabinet Announced
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Hi everyone,

Foreign politicians please note -- these will soon be your ministerial counterparts in Zimbabwe.


The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) President, Morgan Tsvangirai has appointed a
shadow cabinet composed of the following members of parliament:

1. Finance and Economic Planning - Tapiwa Mashakada - Economist - Trade Unionist
2. Defense - Giles Mutsekwa - Former Army Major
3. Education - Fidelis Mhashu - Educationist
4. Health - Blessing Chebundo - Occupational Health Specialist
5. Home Affairs - Professor Welshman Ncube - Lawyer
6. Justice - David Coltart - Lawyer
7. Foreign Affairs - Tendai Biti - Lawyer
8. Labour and Social Security - Pauline Gwanyanya - Trade Unionist and Women's Rights
9. Industry and Commerce - Fletcher Dulini - Chartered Accountant
10. Transport, Energy and Communications - Silas Mongono - Educationist
11. Local Government and Housing - Paul Themba Nyathi - Development Practitioner
12. Lands and Agriculture - Renson Gasela - Agriculturist
13. Gender Youth and Culture - Evelyn Masaiti - Educationist - Political Activist
14. Mines - Joel Gabbuza - Geologist
15. Environment - Moses Mzila Ndlovu - Political Activist

In appointing only 15 cabinet ministers the MDC has lived up to its statements of having a small cabinet that will not burden tax payers. The Current cabinet has been criticized in the past for being unnecessarily large.

Tsvangirai said of the appointment, "as a government in waiting the training would be invaluable, this is reflected in the experience and skills of the shadow cabinet chosen."

They will offer a strong opposition and provide checks and balances to the ruling Zanu PF party.

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