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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 01:15:34 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#93 -- MDC Press Release, July 10th

Hi everyone,

I find myself playing catch-up again I'm afraid. I'll get this message out tonight and some more in the morning. I have recently managed to subscribe to a couple of mailing lists so that I can get CFU land invasion reports and MDC information out on a more timely basis, rather than relying on that wonderful feature of e-mail called the forward. I will also provide some links regarding asylum in the UK which I found informative at least, although not necessarily encouraging for many Zimbabweans who might be considering the option.

By the way, if you are in some sort of contact with anyone who has an @icon.co.zw e-mail address, please let them know that I have removed them from the mailing list until such time as whoever is running the mail server on that domain (M-Web, I believe) fixes the mail looping problem that causes all e-mail to that domain to be returned to me undelivered. I sent e-mail to their postmaster, but they have not bothered to reply.


10 July, 2000

The primary aim of the MDC after the general election has been reconciliation and rebuilding the nation in a peaceful manner that respects people's choices, allows law and order to prevail. As a social democratic party we believe in the freedom of association and expression. We are tolerant and accommodating. That remains our persuasion.

However we note that the government of Robert Mugabe continues to refuse to accept the verdict of the people and is making concerted efforts to subvert it. Our membership, supporters and well wishers have since the end of election been subjected to acts of extreme provocation; physical assaults, verbal insinuations and outright retribution for the verdict they delivered at the parliamentary polls.

Abuse of the State Apparatus

It is unfortunate that in engaging in these acts of retribution on the MDC membership and its supporters government is using the state apparatus. Under the pretext of preventing post election violence high density suburbs of Harare have been placed under virtual martial law. The police have been replaced with the mechanized sections of the army. We have received reports of arbitrary beatings of people suspected by these soldiers. Reports have been received from Dzivarasekwa, Kambuzuma, Mufakose, Mabvuku, Sunningdale, Tafara and other townships of arbitrary nightly beatings of innocent people by the soldiers deployed in the area. We note that contrary to what government would have us believe that they are trying to prevent post election violence no deployment of these soldiers has been witnessed in the rural communal lands and the commercial farms, where the massive pre- election violence was prevalent. We note instead that efforts are not being made to restore law and order on the commercial farms.

On Sunday July, 9 2000, we noticed yet another flagrant violation of the rights of Zimbabweans during the Zimbabwe vs S. Africa soccer match. It is not a secret that action of the police that resulted in the death of 12 innocent people was a politically motivated. There can be no justification for this irrational behaviour. But a government that refuses to accept the verdict of the people treads on illegitimate ground and deserves condemnation by the people.


We wish to state here that the government has tested the patience of Zimbabweans to the limit. Let government be reminded that the people have the capacity in their numbers to see to it that their collective will prevails.

In the face of this provocation and sustained state sponsored violence the MDC shall engage its structures and stakeholders with a view of receiving a clear mandate of what form of collective action to take in order to confront this flagrant violation of people's rights.

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