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Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 15:08:17 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#101 -- Prayer for the Nation -- Eddie Cross, July 20th

The new Parliament starts work today - I hope all of us are on our knees! God did something special in the election - He produced a result that was so balanced that it did everything that was needed - gave MDC a huge moral victory, a small majority to Zanu PF so that it could cling to power without ever having the same absolute power again, leaving the mess in the Nation to be cleaned up by those responsible for the situation, and an international community that said - OK, you had your election, but it was not free and fair and you are on your own in the kitchen. Most of all it was a result that maintained the uneasy peace between the major parties.

But in case you have not noticed, its not over. The farm invasions have taken on a more sinister tone - yesterday, in protest, the entire farming industry started closing down - Glendale started, Mazoe, Concession, Virginia, Macheke and Shamva are following. Farmers are saying thetas enough - no more bullying and threats, we are not leaving our farms but no more farming until you leave us alone and give us our dues as citizens under the law.

Real conflicts have emerged in Zanu PF and the gravy train is threatened not only by the now inevitable loss of power some time in the next two years, but also by the collapsing economy. Mugabe was right when he said that "countries do not go bankrupt" ours is sagging at the knees and will soon be flat on its back - but still breathing. They are pushing their train driver to change course and he is not budging, on anything!

Divided within and fatally wounded from without, Zanu PF is now at its most dangerous. We must pray for those in authority over us in every field, we must pray for those under threat in our Towns and Rural Districts, we must pray for those who have responsibility for enforcing the Law - the Courts, the Attorney General and the Police. We must pray for the Army and the other members of the armed forces. We must pray for those whose livelihood is threatened by the collapse of the economy. Those who are being forced to walk to work to save a few dollars every day so they can put bread on the table. The thousands of kids who will not be able to pay their school fees next term, the mothers who must cut back on everything as prices rise and put things out of their reach.

We must pray for those in the country and in the region who can influence those directing events here - because there are no international institutions or individuals who can change things here - this is an African problem and we must find an African solution. If the leaders in the region will not help then we are on our own and to get through this crisis we need the help of God. Of this I am certain, if He went to so much trouble to engineer that election result, make no mistake He is going to finish the job. He will do so in a manner that will reveal Himself in all His power and I fear for those who will stand in His way.

We as Christians need to stand in the gap and pray and trust that He will bring about what seems impossible to us today.

Eddie Cross
20th July 2000

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