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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 02:17:20 -0700
To: "Zimbabwe Crisis Mailing List":;
From: Zimbabwe Crisis
Subject: ZimCrisis#116 -- Support for the Glendale Farmers

Hi everyone,

Many of you will have seen these messages by now. Although they are a couple of weeks old already, it's worth seeing and reading about the amount of support out there for the farmers. This was received via the MDC.


From the MDC:

We have had a flood of emails over the last two or three days expressing support for the farmers and their employees who have stopped work in response to the continuing anarchy in the countryside.

However, we have had quite some difficulty in distributing these messages to the people on the farms through our normal channels.

We have compiled the messages into this one email - about two thirds the size of the average daily ZimNews report. Our request is that you mail or post this compilation to every farmer you know, and to every one you know who might know a farmer. It is very important that these messages get out to the people they have been sent in support of.

Thank you in advance.

We received the following over the last two days. We promised anonymity, so names have been removed, except where the sender explicitly asked to be identified.

These messages come from Zimbabweans of all colours, and from well wishers overseas. Please pass on to the people who should read this.

1. To all those farmers who are standing up not only for themselves but for all of us Zimbabweans, thank-you and good-luck, I personally believe you have done the right thing, for how long can they get away with this? I only regret you will all suffer emotionally and financially but I truly believe it is a worthy cause. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you, well done!

2. Would you mind forwarding this to your mailing list in the hopes that some Glendale farmers see this. My heartiest Congratulations to you all on your difficult decision to shut down your farming operations until rule of law is restored and the abominable situation you find yourselves in is resolved. If more farmers took a principled stand like yours, and more businessmen in the cities backed them up by: a) not investing in Treasury Bills and b) not paying Sales Tax, PAYE, and the innumerable levies, over to central Treasury, then the situation would be resolved very quickly. We all have to face losses to bring a return to sanity in our beloved country.

Time for us all to pull together. With effect from the end of this month I am withholding all tax payments and banking them in a savings account (not the POSB). They will only be paid over to central treasury once there is a) a return to the rule of law, b) removal of all farm invaders and c) a start has been made on a people-driven constitution. I have a small operation, and, alone, my contribution is not going to effect change. But I hope that others will be inspired by the principled stand taken by the Glendale Farmers, and will join me in this. I have received three death threats, had the CIO come looking for me while I was on holiday at Kyle, been arrested and released, and had rifles cocked and pointed at me at a road block. I live up in the hills in Goromonzi, and the farms all around us in the valleys have been invaded. I'm an unarmed, grey-haired grandmother who was mildly involved in politics (not even with the MDC!!) before the elections, and I have had ENOUGH of this s--t. It has to be brought to an end.

Glendale, millions of people are behind you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You all deserve medals for the hardship you have endured, and for the stand you have taken. You are an inspiration to us all. Best Regards to all of you wonderful people.

3. The Glendale Decision You will all have seen by now the message I forwarded on the decision of the Glendale farmers to cease operations until government sponsored terrorism ceases. I do not know if this will reach anyone in Glendale (which is the constituency next but one to mine I think) but if it does I would like to congratulate you with all my heart. Farming friends (I actually do have some!) agree that this is what should have happened after the referendum, as soon as Mugabe moved his terrorists on to the farms. This move may be little, and it may be late, but is to be highly commended. However, to be effective it should be done country-wide in the next few days. Will others have the courage? I pray they do. Pray with me too. You have more than half the population backing you, probably a lot more given the "margin of terror" in the election. All people respect a stand on principle, and a show of courage.

4. To the Glendale Farmers Vasbyt! We salute you! Without the incredible courage displayed by people like you who are at the cutting edge, we will not be able to continue in the towns. Without your stand we will not have a country. We have reached break-point, may your brave stand help this country to turn around and allow some sense to rule. Please tell your workers that we think of them too. They have done nothing wrong and nor have you. We have, through this long sad period, longed to reach out to you all, in support. May God bless you all and keep you safe.

5. This is to show our support for the action taken by the Glendale farmers and we hope the rest of the farmers will follow their example. The world knows that our farmers have had an extremely horrid time, all for the sake of a mad man's hold onto power. Perhaps the Government will now realise the seriousness of the problem and restore Law and Order through out the Country. We all also hope that the CFU will take more action instead of trying to reason with these gangsters.

6. I fully support the Glendale Farmers' decision to stop all farming activities - I only wish we could do more in the cities. Should we all stop work?

7. I would like to urge the farmers who are in protest of the continuity of farm invasions and abuse to carry on with the strike,as far as I am concerned Glendale as part of Mashonaland central is the countries bread basket and I wonder why these squatters can risk the whole country losing all those crops which are supposed to feed the nation wilt just like that.

I work for an animal health organisation and I feel I might as well lose my job just like the labourers at the farms if these farms are closed. To the war vets I would say you failed to farm at your small fields in your rural homes because of the non-availability of farming equipment how would you be able to do it on these large fields,you're just like a grade one child who is told to write his name on a small piece of paper and says I can't because I need a big one,how would he manage then?


8. Congratulations on your very brave stance against this madness. You all have our deepest respect and admiration. God Bless.

9. To the CFU and all Glendale farmers and families, Just to let you know that we, in Victoria Falls, are thinking of you all and congratulations on standing united in your protest. Please let us know if there is anything us 'urban dwellers' can do to help you in your efforts. Stay strong, good must prevail!!

10. I support the farmers' action. There will be no investment in this country without the rule of law. The lawlessness we see in the farming community is going to create an environmental problem that will take decades to correct.

11. I fully support the farmers and if there is any way in which I can assist please let me know.

12. Good on you, Glendale!!!

13. Our prayers are going to all the farmers' safety. God be with you in these very trying times.

14. Hang in there, somebody has to feed us next year. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. This anarchy will end, history proves that. I wish we could do more to help.

15. This is to advise that the Glendale farmers have my full support in the stance they have taken. I feel that they and their families are so very brave and something needs to be done to correct the situation and soon.

16. Support for all farmers is always in our inner most minds.

17. To all the farmers who are struggling to maintain their beautiful country; to their families; to their loyal workers we send you our total support. We might be 5,000 miles away but you are in our thoughts.

18. If what is happening in the rural areas continues, I am really pricked, hence such a solution like closing business is the only last option I support,and what Glendale Farmers did is the best. The tax we pay is being used to fund the Government thugs to terrorise the Rural areas. The last resolution is to go to war against such an unbearable condition.We have been abused for too long now,imagine the combined Police and Army terror in Harare soon after elections,it needs somebody to answer in court. Do not hesitate to establish my name,we can not die silent,this is what caused other people to go war during the liberation struggle [unbearable conditions].

19. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by the current lawlessness and madness prevailing in our beautiful country right now. We, and our friends, feel at risk with our British heritage and we worry about our homes and future here, but we can only imagine how stressed and afraid the farm families and workers must be. We never cease to wonder how restrained the farmers have been to date, and we congratulate them on their strength and bravery. We hope that their 'strike' will pay dividends and that there will be an end to the violence and intimidation by the unprincipled, sub human element of our society. We all know the twisted thinking of the master of this mess, but we pray that THIS time it will not be used against these already stressed people. God Bless you all.

20. Glendale farmers, I'm right behind your stance, hang in there, good luck. We did it - it works. From the Timber Company.

21. I would like to lift my thumbs up for the Farmers in Glendale. This is the only way the government might open up their eyes and see the harm and damage their doing to our economy. We are with you in support and prayers.

Remember the word of God says " I will never leave you neither will I forsake you, I will be with you until the end of age". Fear not the best is yet to come.

22. Glendale Farmers, we are 100% ++++++++++ behind you!! We are in awe!

23. Dear Glendale Farmers, Thank you for taking a principled stand. I and I am sure the entire country support you 100%. I wish the CFU had taken this approach when the problem initially arose as I believe it would have been nipped in the bud. Please do what you can to get the rest of the farming community to follow your wonderful example, you have given new heart to an extremely dispirited country. Appeasement NEVER pays, a principled stand ALWAYS pays.. Chas

24. I would like to pledge my support for the Glendale farmers and any farmer in Zimbabwe who takes action to eliminate the horrible intimidation that the criminals are imposing on them. I have written to my two congressmen and all Virginian National House of Representatives in Washington D.C., asking them to request that the United States not recognise the Mugabe government until he brings Law and Order back into the country of Zimbabwe and establishes a sound economic recovery policy for all Zimbabweans.

25. To the Glendale farmers, their families and their labour force, Wishing you all the Lord's strength and wisdom you need at this incredibly difficult time! Thank you for having the courage to make a stand like you did, we take our hats off to you, even on this cold winter's day. We pray it may have the effect you so desire: that life may be restored to normalcy, for you and for all of us, so that we can work together again in peace for this beautiful nation. May our Dear Lord give you Courage. Keep it up!!

26. As a townie - it is impossible to imagine what the farmers and their families and workers have endured over the last months. I am in awe at your tenacity, self-discipline and courage. This comes with 100%++++ support for any action you deem necessary to take for your survival and safety. If there is any help we can give, please shout....

27. Just to let all the Glendale farmers know that their recent stoppage has all my support. Congratulations for taking this stand and I hope your actions will inspire other Zimbabwean farmers countrywide to join you.

United we stand, divided we fall. Collective action now! Best wishes, Bev

28. I fully support the Glendale Farmers' action. The farming community, both the owners of the farms and their employees, have my full sympathy.

However, this is not a "farming" issue, nor a "land issue" - this affects every single Zimbabwean, to a lesser or greater degree. The State's actions over the past few months are leading us into an abyss of anarchy and total disregard for the rule of law. For too long we have accepted our lot, having been brainwashed into believing we could do nothing to change it. Now things are different, and we must all stand together and bring about change for the betterment of all our people, and our environment. - Shirley - citizen of Zimbabwe.

29. Claire Goddard and her mother, originally of Shangani but now in Dublin, Ireland, are deeply concerned at the desperate situation that has driven the Glendale farmers to strike against the violence, abuse and anarchy of these (so-called) war-vets, by having to close down their productive farming operations. Zimbabwe Police, please show your mettle and intervene - and intervene decisively !

30. I just want to say WELL DONE Glendale Farmers, enough is enough and I feel that all other districts should follow suit, mass action will have more impact. (Thinking of you Tont and Philip, Kandy Farm, Glendale). Sally Castledine, Esperance, West Australia

31. To all the Glendale farmers (in so many of the world's newspapers today) - Lots of us over here in the UK are thinking and praying for the restoration of Law: we admire your courage! euan nisbet

32. May we add our support for the courageous Glendale farmers who have closed down their farming operations. Athol, Jan, Peggy.

33. To: The Glendale Farmers, We would like to express our support to the Glendale Farmers through this message. Just to let you know there are so many people who may not be able to help you much physically ~ but you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

34. I fully support the stand of the Glendale Farmers in closing down their operations in objection to total lack of enforcement of the rule-of-law by the authorities. I urge others to support civil disobedience actions as objection to the partisan bias of the Police & other civil servants. (I used to give Policemen Lifts if I saw them walking on the road, but until they do their job they can walk). If you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem! Enough is enough, we all need to start rebuilding this economy & get on with our lives. Bryn, Harare.

35. I applaud the stand that the Glendale Farmers are making against an intolerable situation that has been going on unabated all over Zimbabwe for several months. I call again for mass civil disobedience by all companies and individuals in Zimbabwe - why should we continue to work to pay taxes to a government that uses these against us in blatant violation of almost every law in the book - torture, murder, rape, theft, arson etc etc.

36. In this organisation we whole heartedly support the action of the farmers of Glendale, further more we believe that other farmers should join the demonstration if they are able to do so.

37. I salute the bravery of the Glendale farmers! Thank goodness some farmers still have b...s!! Trudy Stevenson, MP

38. I write to express my support for the Glendale farmers. I have never been happy with the CFU's response to the farm invasions and I think it is well past time that another approach was taken. What the farmers are doing seems to make perfect sense to me. I wish them all the best in these difficult times.

39. Eventually. A district has decided enough. Congratulations. Our area will follow your example, God willing.

40. You are encouraged to proceed with the closing of farming operations.

The World needs to understand that the issue here is RULE OF LAW, not land.

No one can negotiate with a gun to their head. You are also encouraged to approach the diplomatic community with concrete suggestions concerning what role/actions they should be taking. (from a Harare based diplomat)

41. I wholeheartedly support the action of the Glendale farmers to "down tools" while this anarchy is going on. It is a silent and non violent protest. With no help from the government - this is one way their voice may be heard. Ms. L.

42. I fully support the farmers actions and the whole of Zimbabwe should follow suit to show Mugabe that there are very few people who support his inaction - only those on the gravy train. Let us all pull together - accommodation is available if required - Topper

43. The Zimbabwean farming scene is tonight at flashpoint. Farmers, with land unlisted, undesignated and even uninvaded are now being visited by serious groups of militants and being given hours to get off their land.

Violence is being used against them, farm weapons stolen and houses trashed and the police ignore calls to act. What is going on here? On the eve of the opening of Parliament doesn't it reek of orchestration? Hasn't all the land issue been contrived and manipulated for political gain? Where is it all going to end? And why is it coming to a head at this particular point in time? The townships are enduring a reign of terror nightly perpetrated by the army and police saying "You voted for change, let us show you the change you will get!" And all because of one foolish, evil old man needing even more money and power. And not one thing on any news bulletin. Does it take death to make us news worthy?

44. Best wishes to those farmers with their actions. Let us hope a spark of sensibility will come out of this. I cannot believe the insanity of what is being allowed to happen by the powers that be!!


46. Dear Sir, I wish to express my total approval with the action taken by the Glendale farmers. The risks they take and the courage they show will one day bring democracy to this land. A big thank you to all of them. JP & Vicki

47. I certainly do support this action by the Glendale farming community, this is a matter of principle and a courageous decision on their part.

This is an example to us all.

48. Dear Glendale Farmers, As a Christian from the Kadoma area I would like to applaud what you are doing and I pray God will strengthen you and guide you into the right decisions. We will also be praying for your safety and protection. Deuteronomy 31 vs 8: The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Psalm 5 Exodus 14:14 Your courage is an example to us all! Cathy

49. I and my family and my colleges at work here in Stockholm, Sweden (20 people), are very worried about the fact that the anarchy, the occupations and the chaos in Zimbabwe is still going on. The change for the better has to come. We all support the farmers. leena kokkare

50. Be strong. Africa is in our blood and in our thoughts every hour of every day.

51. Fully support the Glendale farmers. Why has it taken the CFU so long to stand up to the intimidation? Appeasement can only lead to further demands and threats. Matt

52. Please pass this message on - You are in our thoughts, keep up the good work!!!!

53. By withdrawing our support of the government "newspapers" by not buying it and withholding advertising we have made good progress in crippling Zimpapers. If we pull together in the same way with regard to farm invasions, we can achieve the same thing again. Starve the Monster.

Shutting down operations must be spread throughout the country despite financial loss to ourselves. The townspeople have been to cut off from the terror perpetrated by the incumbent government and don't realise the horrors of daily life on the farm and rural areas. A message of solidarity must be spread throughout the country to peacefully demonstrate our anger and outrage by being willing to forgo our pay if necessary. Soon there won't be anything to buy with it anyway and what there is, is unaffordable. Some suggestions 1) Lobby for the investigation into European and other world asset of members of the incumbent government. Said assets can pay for the investigation, after all we know that there is enough there. 2) Denial of landing rights and entry to any and all members of the incumbent party anywhere in Europe or other countries that are concerned. This includes the family members of the incumbent party. 3) Continual badgering and harassment of the incumbent party by the international community. 4) Withholding of ALL financial support until a responsible government is in place.

54. We have nothing but admiration for the stand being made and the general positive attitude of the commercial farmers. In particular we admire the restraint they have shown when faced with such provocation from the mindless actions of Hunzvi's mob. Regards Don and Jenny

55. To all those brave people at risk on a daily basis, I salute you.Be strong in mind and body.Be gentle but cunning. Please, be careful in what you say and do, so as to see another day. The country and its people need you.My wife and I rent a small house which you are welcome to share if you or your children need a place to stay in Harare and if I can assist in any other way please just say the word. Best Regards Gerald.

56. Yes I greatly support those farmers and on behalf of the university students I say no to continued anarchy...please keep on communicating so that we embark on a national demonstration if necessary.

57. To Ian Mckersie and all Glendale farmers, Best wishes in your endeavour, our thoughts are with you. Jean and Paul Watkins (ex Wright Rain)

108 South Street, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, 4350

58. Hello Glendale bunch, Well done, very brave to try to defy Mugarbage & his murderous hellions. Now we need a web raising fund for the demise of the same insane prez. Rgds. L.

59. You have our support. Your action is applauded. No nation can survive without farmers. Lawlessness & anarchy has proven the worst enemy to us.

It has maimed our beloved ones, killed our innocent fellow Zimbabweans & has destroyed our economy.

60. To all the Glendale Farmers:- Greetings and good wishes, especially to the many Arundel connections, staff, pupils and parents. Be assured Brookehaven is beautiful and the Virtue bell still rings! From Mrs D Twiss, former Headmistress.

61. Would very much like to send messages of support to Glendale and other farmers. They have been so very patient, courageous and so caring of their workers - we are all behind them. Many thanks.

62. The citizens of this country note with concern, the continued state sponsored illegal occupation of our vital agricultural sector. We note also the heightened intimidation of the farmers and the retribution that is now taking place as a result of the election result. In this light, the pull out by the Glendale farmers is not only supported, but lauded as the only way to restore order and sanity in this country. If necessary our entire farming sector should be brought to a halt, and maybe then, the very real prospect of starvation for the innocent population of our country, will jolt our collective conscious as a people and more particularly the perpetrators of this violence, out of this destructive bout of insane anarchy. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the farmers and their families who from day to day, have to live with this Godless breakdown of law and order. Themba

63. My wife and I have had the privilege of working in the Glendale/Concession farming community for a number of years. Given the character and commitment of these people, it is not surprising that they have taken a step as courageous as a united work stoppage. I have said for years that a united passive stand on the part of the commercial farming community would be one of the few remaining means of reining in a government that is out of control. Until now, the individual cost of such a move was probably too high a price to pay. Tragically, the situation has deteriorated to the point where there is no other choice. We fully support the commercial farming community of Glendale, Concession and Shamva in their most recent action, and suggest that they be joined by the rest of their brethren across the country. Mass action on the part of the people is one thing that present leadership in Zimbabwe cannot resist. It is criminal that a rag-tag army of 12,000 should hold a population of 12,000,000 to ransom.

64. Dear friends, Just a short note to let all our farming friends that we are behind you all the way!! Thank goodness we have people of your character and strength to fight for the rights of all Zimbabweans. God Bless and keep you all safe, Brian Harare.

65. In some ways things are changing, the edifice is cracking and there's a possibility of the light at the end of the tunnel being found again (it was stolen by ZPF thieves). It seems as if parliament is going to be fairly exciting now. I note RGM cancelled the party for new MP's at State House.

Said it was to save money, I think it was because he couldn't stomach MDC people in his stronghold - and maybe eyeing it up for size. But to me the biggest and most fundamental change has been the Glendale Decision. I see in today's Zimnews that Shamva also threatens to strike. DO IT guys! The whole country will be proud of you, and in particular the majority of the population who have felt that many farmers have let them down. Passive resistance was proved by Gandhi to be an extremely effective weapon.

Appeasement NEVER pays, a principled stand ALWAYS pays.. The time for sitting on the fence, the time for believing what RGM says and for talking to Hitler Hunzvi is long past. If you believe in "doing the right thing" - then do it. And if you feel you are doing the right thing, persuade other districts to follow you. Unity is strength and a united community is a formidable power. An individual is a soft target, a united community is a tough nut.

66. We support the action taken by the Glendale farmers. Farmers and their workers the nation over have suffered enough. It is time the Government publicly acknowledged the role farmers play in the economy of Zim. They should not just be a punch bag! Barbara

67. To all Glendale Farmers, I congratulate you on your brave stand and our prayers are with you through these troubled times. We pray that God will protect you, your families and your workers and that through this, Gods name will be praised. God bless Zimbabwe

68. You have my support. This should be happening throughout Zimbabwe.

What will it take to make these people understand that without a viable agricultural sector, 9 million+ people will be in need of food aid by the end of this year????

69. I send this message as a New Zealand citizen who is appalled at the harassment and intimidation of a country's citizens by its own government.

We wish to express our solidarity with the minority group of farmers and farm workers who have courageously carried on farming under the most difficult circumstances. The time has come however to say enough is enough and we hope this strike will serve as a wake-up call to the government to get up and do something. The future success of Zimbabwe and its economy depend on it. Our support to the farmers and thousands of farm employees and their families. To change. Carol and Richard Simpson

70. Not being a farmer I can only begin to imagine what the farmers have been going through to keep the agricultural sector viable. Obviously the Glendale farmers have our total support. How is it so difficult for the government to realise that without agriculture the country is finished.

The prices in the shops reflect the deteriorating conditions, and when there is very little produce to buy and what is available is out of everyone's reach, what will happen next. The farmers are the backbone of this country and must be given every consideration if we are to survive as a nation, not only in the production of necessary forex but in the production of essential food. Please let them get on with their jobs and have the rule of law not only restored but enforced. All squatters are illegal trespassers, on a farm or in a private home and should be treated as such. We need strong government not lawlessness.

71. These farmers have a lot of guts, considering that no matter what stance is taken, will be misconstrued by the prevailing powers. Lets hope that with a change from passive to reactive, which they are taking, does not lead to further loss of life as experienced when they had to watch their farms being invaded earlier this year. Good luck, and keep up the courage.

72. I write in support of the Glendale farmers who have chosen to take a stand by 'downing tools' in protest of the continuing human rights abuses occurring throughout Zimbabwe. regards tanya, Harare, Zimbabwe

73. I fully support the actions being taken by the farmers in the face of increasing anarchy within Zimbabwe. thanks

74. A quick message in support of the above...the pressure of carrying out every day tasks with the feeling that you could be attacked at any time must be unbearable. I give my full support and best wishes to all involved.

75. All the best ,it is about time that you resisted together.You are in our prayers. Regards, Peter

76. I support the actions of these courageous farmers without hesitation and think that the whole country should follow suit. We need to send a STRONG message to the murderer at the helm of this govt and his thugs. The people of this country have had enough of the intimidation, brutality and uncertainty that has brought the economy to a standstill. This is the most beautiful country in the world with the most beautiful people and being a fourth generation African/Zimbabwean, I know it is my right to live here and my right to a peaceful existence. We have all suffered enough. FARMERS - bring him to his knees and then let's impeach the bastard. Well done!

77. I support and applaud the action taken by the Glendale Farmers. This should have happened months ago when it first started. The stress and treatment by these so called war veterans that the farmers have been under is unbelievable in this modern day and age. Businesses should also contribute to making our government take serious action against these war vets by withholding their tax payments. The land issue should be addressed in a professional and fair manner not by just walking into their homes and farms like criminals and telling people what to do and how to do it. What right do they and what is our government, army, police doing about these war vets. It will ruin the country completely. No farmers no food - its as simple as that. Lucy

78. It is about time somebody stood up to the lawlessness in this country.

Well done Glendale Farmers.

79. I strongly recommend,this action continues,until the perpetrators & their masters desist from this evil.

80. As a citizen of Zim and an ex resident I wholeheartedly support the farmers in Zim who are in the front lines, so-to-speak. May the indomitable spirit of these fine people that manifested in the past again manifest itself in these trying times. Charl

81. I support these farmers wholeheartedly.I think there action should be copied by everyone including the urban business communities.

82. I suppose all I can say must be very similar to what a lot of people are saying. Keep up hoping, and remember you have a lot of people who are thinking and praying for you. We are behind you 100%.

83. I fully support the action of the Glendale farming Association and I believe this is the kind of action that should have been encouraged and in place at the beginning of this fiasco. It is unacceptable to allow the break down in law and order to continue. Not only does it affect the farming community but it spills over into all aspects of life throughout the country. The CFU have lost any credibility by their lack of action and I have yet to meet any Zimbabweans who have any respect left for the organisation.

84. I would like to add my support to the farmers who have decided that 'enough is enough' and would like to suggest that the entire nation be mobilised along the same lines. The only real power we have is in our numbers and the distribution of those numbers within our population. We certainly received the 'quality' vote and I have no doubt that we would have won the 'quantity' vote had free and fair elections been allowed. We can bring this government to its knees provided we all act together. I believe that there is a lot of dissent in ZanuPF and the time is now ripe to strike and strike hard. We may have short term problems with this approach but they will be bearable compared to the long term problems associated with simply tolerating the current situation.

85. I have read of the strike and I have read that some people are worried about Mugabe ranting and raving about white farmers holding the country to ransom. I think what we must remember is that Mugabe is in a very different situation now. His cabinet is made up of "new" blood, some of whom will not go along with his ranting. Nkosana Moyo for example is there now, I know him, worked with him in fact, at TA Holdings. I am sure there is no way he will put up with things that are going to make his job even more difficult than it already is. Moyo is a man of integrity, who will want to get on with the job he has taken on for the good of Zimbabwe. Then there is Simba Makoni, another man held in high esteem, and of course, there is the MDC opposition, all of whom are on the side of the farmer. Take heart farmers, the majority of Zimbabweans are behind you and will join you in a revolution, be strong, continue to be brave and give the rest of us some ideas on how we can help you.

86. Full support for Glendale action. Just as farming is being made impossible, so too are most businesses. As fuel situation looks like it is critical once more it will be in the national interest for everyone to go on a campaign to save jobs and fuel... by suspending operations until a more realistic climate for doing any type of business re-emerges.

87. We are in full support of the Glendale farmers' action. It is well past time our Government did something about the continuing anarchy in the rural areas. Untold damage has already been done to this country, on a political whim. Paul

88. Just to let you know we are thinking of you all as you struggle to live and work despite the difficulties of the growing anarchy in Zimbabwe.

(Re)birth is a violent and bloody episode - we hope the newborn will be strong and good for the people. In love and light...

89. I would just like to say we are in full support of the farmers downing their tools due to the recent invasions of the farms by the supposed war veterans. Don't the war veterans realise they are ruining their own country?!

90. Hello from America, Just a note to say we support your efforts.



92. Farmers in Zimbabwe be assured of our support from the farmers in S.Africa fight for what you have worked for and try not to give in to the criminals. Ben

93. I support the farmers' action - the violence its abhorrent to any human being and it must STOP and if the farmers' action will help to put an end to it - it has my wholehearted support. Kay

94. I fully support the actions undertaken by the Glendale farmers. If all commercial farmers followed this route it would give them massive bargaining power that the Government would have to recognise. All the best, Richard

95. Hang in there guys my thoughts are with you. Please rely on my support from Cape Town. Adam

96. In the city we frequently feel powerless when hearing the news from the countryside. What we can do is continue our financial and logistical support for MDC and support any mass action required. It is a time for sacrifice by us all, and if that means a sacrifice of our lifestyles for a while, then so be it. I do feel only disdain and embarrassment when hearing of urban folk fleeing the country when they are fleeing rumours. Good riddance to them, the rest of us are staying to fight it out. Good Luck to you all and for Zimbabwe in the cricket on Saturday! You are in our thoughts. Brian, Mount Pleasant.

97. Every Zimbabwean, black and white is under threat from these tyrants who are bent on destroying the economy and find the white farmers to be an easy target. The farmers were murdered 22 years ago during the war, but persevered, and are now in exactly the same position, from 20 YEAR OLD "VETERANS". Please feel free to give my name and e-mail address to any Zim farmers S.A. support group, if I can help in ANY way. Regards Rob

98. AMAZING CFU. I heard on ZBC radio this morning that the CFU "will not oppose the seizure of farms without compensation". Given that this was heard on ZBC it could easily be a distortion of the truth (as usual!) I also received an e-mail stating that the CFU would not encourage farmers to join the strike in other areas, as "the police were taking action." Is theft and dispossession OK if its not violent? Once more, I may have got the wrong end of the stick. However, if anyone tried to confiscate my business, or interfere with my operations, I just cannot imagine rolling over and playing dead. Closing down immediately would be the least action I would take.

99. Please may the farmers know that I (and I'm certain that everybody else at Pricewaterhouse Coopers Bulawayo) fully support their action. It is rather late, as we have been hoping for a real reaction from the CFU for far too long. It is high time the CFU gave a solid reply to the war vets' action. It is our future as nation that is at stake here...

100. I would like to express my support for these and all the other farmers in Zimbabwe. My thoughts and prayers for their safety and a quick solution to this problem are with them. Jayne

101. Good day, I must say how proud I am to be an ex Zimbo, when I see these farmers and everyone else putting their all into what seems like a nightmare. I certainly support these proud and courageous people, and can only wish them all the very best in their endeavour . GOD BLESS you all.

Best regards

102. Our moral support and thoughts and prayers are with the farmers at this time, as throughout all this wretched business. They are the true heroes.

103. CFU Glendale, Just to let you know that we think that it's wonderful, the stand you guys are making - it's been a while that we were thinking that some action of this nature was needed, but much easier to say when one is not personally involved ... we continue to pray for a resolution to the issue - perhaps this is it ! We are reminded that all it needs for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing, and am happy to see that the "good men" are able to do something ! God Bless, The Davy Family

104. Sir, Having just gleaned on the internet that there is a civil war situation brewing in Glendale, I am doing as requested - supporting. Even if only in thoughts, they are definitely all positive. If we could only get the rest of the farming community to do a "together" thing, they would discover just how much power they actually do have. Viva Democracy! T

105. This sort of thing is happening on a daily basis in isolated incidents all around the country. On Monday 17th July at 3:45 p.m., my father and mother were for the second time forced to flee their home. At David and Lorna Coleman's farm in Concession between 200 and 300 war veterans armed with spears and large sticks and led by Thomas Majuru forced open a locked gate and surged forward. In doing this they beat up my Dad - a 66 year old man with glaucoma, a history of heart problems and a back injury caused by a land mine in 1977. These war veterans then proceeded to lock the boom and lock themselves and my family inside the security fence. They went on to the verandah while my brother, Gary, his 6 year old son Brett and my parents escaped into the house. For nearly 1 and a half hours the war veterans beat drums, lit fires and chanted while about 60 local farmers and the police and support unit rallied round. The police arrived complete with tear gas and guns and stood while a neighbouring farmer, Nick Stobart, rushed into the house to rescue Brett, who was standing in the corner of the bedroom, crying and clutching his blanket. Brett was in the bedroom with my father whom Nick described as "devastated". Nick managed to get Brett out of the house where he was met by the headmaster who took Brett home with him. Brett spent the night there with no family and only his blanket for comfort and security.

The mob outside were definitely political - shouting "PamberiZanu PF" and down with MDC and threatening to kill Morgan Tsvangirai. When Gary was told to dance he refused and was told that they were going to dig a hole and bury him there that night. This was witnessed by the police who did nothing.

How can a police force that so easily fired tear gas into a stadium of peaceful people out for a day's soccer stand by and watch while an angry, gesticulating and potentially violent mob threaten innocent people and do nothing? Surely they are there to preserve the peace, protect the innocent and uphold the law and yet they stood by and watched while all this was happening. Finally my brother and my parents were escorted out and were able to escape to a neighbouring farm where they spent the night. What do these people hope to achieve with intimidation and violence? Does it make them better or stronger people? My father was told to get on a plane and go back to Britain - a place my Father has never been and has no claim to, not being British. The local farmers were amazing and I still get a lump in my throat when I think how so many of them risked their own safety and rallied round and rushed to my family's assistance. A heartfelt thank you to all of you, many of which I do not know but your solidarity has given my parents strength. This violence has got to stop. People have to be aware that it is happening to many people black and white, all over the country - my family is not an isolated incident. Zimbabwe has lost 31 people in the pre- election violence - how many are we to loose in the post - election violence? Will it stop when more families have been disrupted and lose loved ones? How can we justify this violence? by keeping quiet are we condoning it? Only by standing together and speaking with one voice can we make everyone aware of their social conscience and put an end once and for all to living in fear.

Please, pass this on to everyone you know. Don't stand by and watch someone you know and care about become another statistic on our T.V.screen. Thank You, Melanie Benzon (nee Coleman)

106. To the world at large and whoever may be listening. White farmers will be under threat in Zimbabwe until the land issue is settled; and not by creating MORE communal land. What is happening now will continue to happen until either ALL the land is nationalised OR all the land is under title.

Otherwise whites will always "own" land, and black peasant farmers never will. The present solution offered by the govt of Zimbabwe ensures that this scenario will repeat itself again and again to the detriment of farming and Zimbabwe as a whole. To the farmers of Glendale, I can only say that to have waited this long to down tools is incredibly brave: nobody can understand the pressure you have been under and are still under. I sincerely hope for all of you that this action will prompt the government to take some kind of action. All power to you. Maria, Beit Bridge, Zimbabwe

107. Val and Horse Sweeney fully support the Glendale farmers in their actions. We sympathise with all the farmers in these troubled times and can only hope that the new government will be able to turn things around and bring some relief.

108. Our prayers and thoughts have been very much with the farmers in Zimbabwe for many months now. We believe they are all very brave people, and congratulate them on their stance, particularly those who have closed their farming operations and said enough is enough. "Those who sow in tears will reap in joy". Remember the words of Isaiah 43 verse 1b to 3. Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name, you are mine. Should you pass through the sea, I will be with you; or through rivers, they will not swallow you up. Should you walk through fire, you will not be scorched and the flames will not burn you. For I am Yahweh, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your saviour. We will continue to pray for you, your families, your workmen, your assets and all your needs. God Bless you all.

Jim and Anneliese.

109. FARMERS STRIKE I hear rumours of a general strike by farmers tomorrow, outside the auspices of the CFU. If it is true, you can be assured that the whole country will be behind you. I sincerely hope this translates into fact, because the confrontation and mayhem organised and orchestrated by RGM is totally unacceptable. If this were backed by the ZCTU and GAPWUZ it could be extremely effective. This is no time for the faint hearted, but I believe that resolute action will bear rewards. As many have said, Enough is Enough!


110. Having followed the horror in Zimbabwe the last 6 months, through newspapers, TV and internet, I have written many letters to newspapers and to politicians in Holland. I do know that international politics do very little to help but if all the farmers are boycotting their production, it will wake up the world. If the farms are going to be taken, production will be next to nothing anyway. An other way is to burn everything but who would do that to their life's work! A strike is really a last try, as if the squatters are cutting down all the trees, it will be a desert within 6 months and the land will be unproductive anyway. Good luck, will keep on pestering politics here with letters. Alice

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