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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 19:13:28 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#121 -- CFU Farm Invasion Report, August 14th

Hi everyone,

There's an interesting notice at the end regarding the setting-up, by the ZRP, of a cell phone number specifically for car hijackings.





President Henwood met with Minister John Nkomo on Friday 11 August. Minister Nkomo told the Commissioner of Police that there would be no more invasions, threats or lawlessness. If this is not the case, please notify the CFU of the farm name, farmer and incident.

The Union recommends that all plans for normal farming operations should continue. Tobacco ridging should start on the due date where possible. If there is any interference please notify us immediately.



Horseshoe - The owner of Nainital Farm was visited by the President's Office, who were asking a lot of questions and informed owner that they would be visiting all the affected farms. There have been no reports of any other farms having been visited.

Approximately 30 war vets attempted to peg on Amajuba Farm. The owner locked the gate and informed the war vets that they would have to break down the gate if they wanted to peg. They did not do so but set up a road block on the farm dam, which was removed the next day.

War vets on Manovi Farm would not allow owner to start seed beds as the farm has been designated. Police have been informed.

Glendale - Mazsec was engaged to guard a dead cow on Seddies Farm. War vets tried to assault the guard for the meat. He escaped and Police were informed, but were unable to react due to lack of transport.

Harare West/Nyabira - War vets are causing a disturbance over one of their flags having gone missing on Rydale Farm.


Marondera - On Jenny Springs war vet Pasco has built a hut in one of the paddocks where the cattle graze. The owner has been forced to move his cattle into feeding pens. The farm is now used as a pathway to the neighbouring farms so there are many people wandering through the farm but only Pasco has his hut in this paddock.

Marondera North - The area is quiet. There is only one occupier left on Rukata Farm. Occupiers are building furiously all over Rupture Farm. On Rapids there are now another 6 huts being erected.

Beatrice - Nothing to report.

Harare South - There is a bit of pegging going on in the district and a few cars scanning the area. Following the newspaper report on the incident at Stoneridge Farm, the owner was forced to leave his property last week.

Featherstone - Unable to contact

Wedza - On Shaka there was theft of fencing and 2 arrests were made. Chigwadere visited Ben Viljoen and advised him that he would be back on Wednesday. On Friday war vet Gibson visited the local war vet camp on Dean but no report was made on what transpired. Yesterday a gun shot was heard at about 12:10pm. A reaction team was deployed but nothing was found. On Rupako a calf was slaughtered on Saturday evening, and one arrest was made. Chigwadere met with Sgt Moses from Wedza Farm Security and was obviously angry at all of the arrests being made. He threatened to go to war with the members of Wedza Farm Security.

On Lilifontein a gun shot was heard on Friday morning. A reaction team was deployed but nothing was found. War vet Gibson arrived on Dean in a white pick up and started to sell plots on the farm. A gun shot was heard on Friday on Cloutsham. A reaction team was unable to be deployed.

Enterprise - There was a work stoppage on Saratoga this morning.

Bromley/Ruwa - On Dunstan a tractor belonging to Richard Cotham was stopped en route to feeding the cattle and the headlights were smashed. The war vets informed the driver that he was not to work on Heroes Day. The Police are being informed.

Macheke/Virginia - There is an increase in activity after the Governor held a meeting with the war vets on Sunday morning. There are work stoppages on Salama and Leyland. The owner of Airlie farm was issued with a four day eviction notice. And the war vets on Journeys End are now demanding their share of the land. The Police are refusing to react. There was a work stoppage on Mug for about three weeks, which was resolved on Friday. There was a work stoppage on Mignon, which appeared to be a spillover from Mug Farm. War vet Stanley threatened the owner of Leyland. A Section 8 Order was received by River Valley and the war vets instructed the cattle foreman to move all of the cattle and sheep off the area that the Section 8 Order had been issued on. They insisted that the owners goods be moved out of the house and implements be taken off the farm. The situation was defused.


Karoi - Ngonya Farm was occupied on Friday by 7 war vets led by Moawaza.

Chinhoyi - A total of 7 war vets were arrested for stealing maize on Braeside Farm. Templeton Ranch had 5 paddocks set alight.



Chakari - On Balwearie Farm a bull was slaughtered. On Newbiggin Farm war vets have said that the owner can only plant half of his lands. In the area four farms have permanent structures built on them, and many have tree-cutting on going for selling purposes.

Selous - On Wicklow Farm there is a lot of movement and permanent houses are being built. On Alfa farm a new group of peggers arrived. On Meadowlands and Northwood war vets are collecting cords of wood and taking them off the property for sale. Wicklow Estates (old AGSEC base) saw an influx of 15 this morning, and a further truck load half an hour ago arriving. 1.5 km of fencing was stolen last night on Scotsdale Farm.

Kadoma/Battlefields - There was a new occupation on Madodo Ranches. On Damvuri occupiers moved off, having sold plots at $240 each. On Alabama Farm guards arrested war vets for stealing maize and police charged them - senior war vets commended the guards. There was a new occupation on Ardconnell and Overlaw. On Umsweswi River Block 6 there was a new invasion with pegging. On Kanyemba there was a fire started by peggers which burnt one camp out.

Chegutu - on Ranwicke Farm Gilbert Moyo and Chief Ngezi have told the occupier to vacate by Thursday. It appears that the farmer on Tiverton Farm has vacated as a result of threats from Gilbert Moyo. His court case was not finalised as registration numbers were required for the tractors he stole. Tractors do not have registration numbers. Leny Farm was visited by war vet Makoni and Agritex to start dividing the land, seeing as a section 8 order has been received here. A number of death threats were given on Concession Hill Farm by Gilbert Moyo.

Suri suri - On Lowood Farm, owner was forbidden to collect dry wood for his workforce on the grounds that this is detrimental to the environment! Norton - On Ardmore war vet Bundeti asked that all cattle and game were to be moved off the property, as the owner had made a report to the Police concerning war veterans. On Beverley Farm allocation of land has evidently been done by Government using a raffle system with bottle tops in a hat! Lovejoy has been visiting various farms in Norton. A further occupation took place on Serui Source by 15 war vets in retaliation for reporting activity to the Police last week. They have now left.

General - The Chegutu D.A. has sent a list to the Governor regarding approximately 70 farms currently occupied in the Chegutu district. He is unable to advise on whether these people should plant any crops this year or not.


Masvingo East and Central - All is quiet in this area today.

Chatsworth/Gutu - The situation remains the same; there is continued tree cutting and pegging in this area.

Mwenezi - Numbers have decreased on Merrivale Ranch and people are reported to be moving off the farm. There is an escalation in the cutting of grass on Quagga Pan Ranch. There is continued cutting of trees, pegging of plots and poaching in the rest of the district.

Chiredzi - There is extensive tree cutting on Buffalo Range.

Save Conservancy - Report back on the Rhino: the snare line has been approximately 6 to 7 days on the rhino's right rear leg. The cut is very deep, but we are of the opinion that the rhino will survive (this time.) While the rhino was being tracked many more snares were spotted and one was removed. The area the snares are in is bordering Chigwiti / Senuko and Angus ranches. 4 poachers were reported to be on this Mukwasi Ranch and one of them actually tried to throw a spear at one of the Managers. They had killed a warthog. A baby elephant was caught in a snare on Mkwasine Ranch over the weekend. 18 snares were removed over the weekend.


Nothing to report


Filabusi - War vets held a meeting on Cala Estate yesterday and told people to return today in order to be allocated stands for pegging. Cala Estate received a Section 8 Order on Thursday.

Nyamandhlovu - Junction and Dingwell Farms were occupied today. Drysdale and Blackwreath have been occupied, Mount Pleasant was occupied last week. Cawston Block was occupied and war vets are becoming quite militant and trying to chase hunters from the farm. There are indications that this has been orchestrated by Obert Mpofu.


Nothing to report.


Anti Hi-Jack Trust

The cell phone number 091 242 512 has been assigned to "'A' reserve" (ZRP). If you are being followed or are hi-jacked that is the number to ring. This section of the Police is much more efficient and your call WILL be answered. 3 armed men in a BMW attempted to hi- jack a Toyota twincab outside Mateos restaurant, Kensington, on Friday 11 August. By using this cell phone number, Police reacted immediately and the attempt was foiled. A shot was fired into the car by the hi-jackers, narrowly missing 2 young children.

Umvukwe Charolais Stud invites you to a braai Lunch. This is to be followed by our Annual Sale

Venue: Galloway Estate, Mvurwi
Date: 17th August, 2000
Time: 12 Noon
Email: galloway@samara.co.zw

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