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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 19:22:36 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#122 -- CFU Farm Invasion Report, August 15th





Invasions (new and revisits) - 78
Work stoppages (mainly tobacco) - 42
Unofficial eviction notices - 12
Poaching incidences on farms - 32
Cases of theft on farms - 19
Properties with hut building - 26
Properties with tree cutting - 28
Cases of abductions on farms - 0
Beatings on farms - 4
Veld fires on farms - 11
Cases of intimidation on farms - 17



Centenary - A group of war vets were cutting down trees on Dolphin Park and have been stopped by the Police. War vets have re-occupied Mwonga Farm and are beginning to build structures.

Horseshoe - The home of the BSO facilitator involved in the Out Reach Programme on Red Lichen Farm has been broken into and approximately $100 000 worth of goods taken. Police and CID have recovered some of the stolen items, but continue to investigate.

Victory Block - Support Unit have been called to investigate the theft of asbestos roof sheets, fence, fence standards and wide spread wood cutting on Mt Fatigue Farm. The owner of Vivelkia Farm has reported the theft of 1495m of fencing. The owner of Msitwe River Ranch has reported the theft of fencing, fence standards and wide spread wood cutting.

Mvurwi - War vets are erecting structures on Ruia Farm. There have been unconfirmed reports of hand over ceremonies on Dandajena Farm and Ruia Farm although Section 8 Orders have not been received for these properties.

Shamva - Yesterday afternoon the owner of Glencairn was assaulted by a war vet. He later had to be evacuated from the property when war vets broke through the homestead security fence, and damaged the vehicle and broke the windows of the house. Police responded to both incidents, but no arrests were made. Propol has been informed and are investigating. It has been reported that Bindura Police are giving false RRB numbers and using old, previously issued RRB numbers.


Marondera - Mr. Majuru arrived on Monora to say that he would return with 12 other people to reoccupy the farm. He also told the owner of Daskop that he was to stop all land preparation until he had heard from his Head Office what part of the farm the owner was allowed to farm.

Marondera North - 50 of the occupiers that left Chapunga have now returned under Mr. Chiweshe and are aggressive. The Police have said that they will react to any further problems.

Beatrice - Ploughing with a Chinese tractor has started on one farm. A Police detail is investigating. There is another tractor ploughing on Evergreen. Harare South/Featherstone - Unable to contact.

Wedza - Another cow was slaughtered on Poltimore, and tree cutting continues. On Fair Adventure, Msasa and Collace the building of huts and cutting of trees continues.Yesterday unknown people arrived on Bickley in a white Peugeot pick up and stopped a farm trailer with wood on it. They assaulted three of the workers, threw the wood on the ground and let the air out of the tyres . Marondera Police reacted this morning, with no result as yet. On Plymtree three people in a white Peugeot pick up arrived at the farm gate yesterday demanding that the guard open the gate. The guard refused and the people left but returned later with a second vehicle and 11 extra people. They told the guard that if he did not open the gate they were going to shoot him. He opened the gate, they did their pegging and then left saying that they would return today to talk to the owner. As of this morning nothing had materialised. Yesterday people arrived on Devon in a white Nissan Sunny and told the workers to stop work and to stop pulling down their houses. The workers refused and there ensued a lot of shouting. In one of the splinter actions one of the cattle workers chased and thrashed a farm invader after the invader threatened violence. There seems to be an increase in criminal activity on Devon as in the last week 6 beasts have been snared, plenty of trees cut down and an upsurge in hut building and resident squatters.

Enterprise/Bromley/Ruwa - Unable to contact.

Macheke/Virginia - Support Unit has been placed in the district to deal with the ongoing problems being experienced there. Yesterday there were 12 work stoppages in the district and one four day eviction notice. Two of the work stoppages continue this morning on the Zee's farms. This has spilt over and there is a new work stoppage on Lamjung and Showers (previously unaffected). On Welcome Home war vets and occupiers (96) demanded that the farm owner deliver firewood to him, but he had no diesel. They then wanted to move into a shed that had all of the farmer's tobacco bales in it. He told them that if they were willing to move the bales as he had no labour they could move in. They then noticed that the reservoir that serves the particular shed with water was used for the cattle to drink as well and they told the owner that he was racist and they got very aggressive. The owner told them that he would clean the trough for them. The instigator is Rino Moto who is amicable when the Police are around but as soon as they leave he becomes aggressive again.


Mtorashanga - There is a mine demonstration of about 200 people. Be cautious travelling through this area.

Mhangura - Two scotch carts, dogs and more cattle have been moved onto Highbury Estate. The war vets' cattle are grazing with the Highbury cattle. Occupiers on Chiremba Farm are building.


Norton - There was a new occupation on Serui Source. Police have received the directive to stop new invasions but do not know how to do this, and say that they need clarification on whether people can be arrested/fined. On Carolina Extension there was a new occupation and occupiers say they will return to build houses. Six vehicles arrived on Tilford Farm. Police are reacting. On Blandale there was pegging yesterday.

Selous - There were new occupations on Railway Farm 5 and Bedale.

Chegutu - There was a new occupation on Kalembo and on La Forte there was a lot of activity yesterday. On Donore there are seven cattle missing and the owner, having received a Section 8 Order, is selling his entire herd tomorrow. On Damvuri there are approximately 200 people assembled waiting for a directive regarding the allocation of the land from Government. This property was not gazetted and has not received a Section 8 Order. On Leny Farm there is a lot of activity and the occupiers are waiting for the D.A. to come out to allocate them plots after a Section 8 Order was received.

Chakari - On Blackmorvale there are approximately 757 people at last count. Dispol attended yesterday and has assured the farm owners that the wholesale tree cutting and wood selling will be acted upon. No arrests have yet been made.

Kadoma/Battlefields - Police eventually arrived on Kanyemba Farm regarding war vets setting fires. They burnt the kiosk on the side of the road last night. On Alabama there is quite a lot of activity - war vets are reported to be very confused with some coming, some going and some not sure what they are doing at all!


Masvingo east and central - there are increased numbers on marah and yettom farms.

Mwenezi - situation remains the same.

Chiredzi - there are people all over buffalo range, samba ranch and bangala ranch. The zrp in chiredzi were meant to visit to assess the situation, but they were dealing with a strike at the time. Their vehicle then broke down and they had to wait for another, which broke down on the way to bangala ranch. The officer in charge at triangle is to visit the ranch this morning. There has been a new occupation on dombedeena ranch. Numbers on dawlish ranch are estimated to be approximately 56 people.

Save conservancy - grass and trees are being cut, poaching continues and there is a lot of movement of people everywhere.

Chatsworth/gutu -there are increasing numbers on bath farms, and more structures being erected.


Middle Save - The war vets on Glocca Morra have tried to evacuate the labour from their houses. The labour, who are now tired of being pushed around, retaliated and a tense situation developed. The situation is being resolved. War vets in the district are building many structures, as well as burning bush.

Odzi - War vets set alight bush on Alma Farm, which the owner quickly tried to back burn to kill the original fire. The war vets are now accusing him of trying to burn them out. The war vet leader for this area has been replaced and the ex-leader is now travelling around with Mbada in an army issued truck visiting the war vets on farms. War vets on other farms continue to burn bush.

Mutare - On Friday 11 August four war vets visited a farm and queried the labour on why they were working on such an important holiday. The labour explained that the baby corn had to be picked twice a day. The war vets then left and returned with numbers on Sunday for a meeting with a Government official. This is a new occupation, and Police are refusing to react.

Chipinge - On Chipinge West Farm 780 head of cattle were driven 10km by war vets to Luipers Vlei Farm with one of the animals being trampled to death in the process. Some of the animals were later returned. In addition, 385 head of cattle have been held in a 5.5ha paddock for over a week now and the animals are on the brink of starvation. Ravenswood Farm and Groenvlei Farm are both having daily visits, and on Groenvlei Farm the cattle are being driven onto the main road.

Nyazura - This morning the owner of De Rust Farm, the farm manager and the cattle foreman were abducted. The cattle foreman was on his way to another farm to start grading when he came across a blockade of stone and trees in the road. He fetched the owner and manager of De Rust Farm to help him remove the road block. About 40 people emerged from the bush, surrounded them, split into three groups and marched them off one per group. The owner and the manager were verbally abused, and the cattle foreman was badly assaulted. He has two breaks in his left arm, the fingers on his right hand are broken and he is bruised. The Police reacted, the Member In Charge, Dispol, war vets and the CID arrived and the situation is being defused. The assailants invaders threatened to return tonight with more people to burn everything down. On Ongegend Farm, where the occupiers have their base, there is a definite increase in numbers today and it is believed that the new occupiers from Ongegend were involved in this incident.

Headlands - There is a work stoppage on Wakefield Farm and Gwaai Farm. The Police have been informed.


Mzingwane - Section 8 Orders have been received on a number of properties (six) in the district.

Nyamandhlovu - Locals from town are being trucked onto Bells Farm. Gates have been broken for entry and the locks stolen. The occupiers are cutting trees, clearing lands and stating claim to the property on a daily basis. They are led by Ncube.


Kwekwe - On Saturday a Plaza bakery truck was stopped by war vets on its delivery route. The driver was wearing an MDC t-shirt and was severely assaulted and the vehicle damaged. On Monday occupiers on Bonsted were building on irrigation land due for land prep for early maize. On Machakwi and Mooirivier there is building taking place around the irrigation lands presently in wheat production. War vet Courage is responsible. Machakwi labour phoned the Police to complain about war vets and were reprimanded by the Police for being "sellouts". On Caberfeigh a lease agreement was reached with war vet Augustine Chetipfu. War vet Hove chased Chetipfu's group off. Chetipfu says he will report to CIO. There is concern about farmers jeopardising the CFU resettlement programme with private arrangements. Two cattle were snared on Milsonia and 58 snares picked up. Numbers have increased from 10 to 70.

Gweru - 2 beef heifers were slaughtered on Berkshire over the weekend. Police were informed and investigated.

Gweru East - Three men in a white Isuzu visited the end of Wildebeeste 49 to survey for plots. They are reported to have said that it is their tradition to have a rural as well as an urban home. One permanent hut has been built.

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