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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 22:00:18 -0700
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From: Zimbabwe Crisis
Subject: ZimCrisis#128 -- CFU Farm Invasion Report, August 16th




There will be a brief for FA Chairmen at 8.30am on Friday 18th August, 2000, in the CFU Dining Room, Marlborough. Please ensure that all FA Chairmen are advised.



We wish to retract the incorrect reports for Ruia Farm, Mvurwi, made yesterday, which were untrue and sincerely apologise to the farm owner for the incorrect information put out.

Centenary - Two intoxicated war vets were arrested yesterday afternoon for attempting to steal tobacco out of the grading shed on Mutwa Estate. Ploughing and general outside work has been prevented in what appears to be retaliation for the above incident. The owner has been advised to go and see the senior war vet to resolve this issue and police have been informed.

Horseshoe - War vets refused accommodation offered in response to their demand as they wanted the foreman's house at Blue Grass Farm. Police were informed and the situation is ongoing. ZTA initiated a Police response on Manovi Farm when they expressed their concern of the situation to Propol. Guruve Farm has been reoccupied by an aggressive group.

Victory Block - ZRP Mvurwi were notified on Monday of malicious damage to bore hole equipment on Brookfield Farm. There has been extensive wood cutting by people from the resettlement area on Msitwe River Ranch. There have been reports of poaching on Disi Farm.

Mvurwi - The owner of Luwali Farm was asked for transport, which was refused, and told to allow his labour to attend the "official" hand over of Dandajena Farm. Two men, one claiming to be political officer, advised the owner of Forrester Estate that they had a mandate from Chitengwende to take sections L and B of the estate.

Tsatsi - Approximately six war vets assaulted a farm labourer suspected of being a MDC supporter on Dorking Farm. War vets set fire to a paddock on Nyachura Farm as they thought they saw a snake. Mutepatepa - There has been a build up of war vet numbers on Felton Farm and Insingisi Farm.

Mazowe/Concession - War vets have formed a camp on Estes Park. A group of war vets from Glenara visited Makalanga and threatened the manager with death, giving him 24 hours to leave the farm. This group moved on to Marodzi River Farm and joined a group of striking mine workers there. They threatened to take over the farm and began chopping trees outside the fence, but later in the afternoon the group dispersed and left.

Harare West/Nyabira - War vets have given the owner of Rydale Farm a 24 hour eviction notice. At Selby Farm, the war vets demanded the owner's son vacate his house so that they could move in.

Christon Bank - Border Estates has a weekend presence of peggers. Occupiers peg a plot then disappear to town leaving someone to start building for them. They are paying one of the domestic workers to start digging the soak-away for the house they are to build.


Marondera - On Munemo 8 invaders were arrested from Irenie base camp and have been jailed in connection with the problems on the farm. There are now 18 huts on Tranquility. Occupiers informed the owner that they are not moving until they have been allocated other land. On Monte Cristo an elderly man is building a hut in the middle of the centre pivot ground, cutting trees and ploughing up a bit of land that he has burnt. Occupiers have now moved on in large numbers and their dogs are hunting daily on the farm.

Marondera North - Police have reacted positively and are following up reports made by Chapunga and Dormavale. They went to Chapunga and collected the head war vet and taken him away.

Beatrice/Harare South - On Innisfree occupiers are ploughing with a Chinese tractor. A police detail is investigating. On Evergreen there is another tractor ploughing. Old Blackfordby was reoccupied over the weekend, and huts have been built in the ploughed lands. 3

Featherstone - On Monday 14 there was wide scale pegging on Christiana, Lot 2 of Kuruman and Callais. On Tuesday 15 on Kuruman a 5 tonne truck arrived with about 30 people who had decided that they were moving onto the small holdings. The farm has a S/D permit and the land is clearly demarcated by the owner but is not gazetted. This is a new occupation. On Lot 2 Kuruman two war vets arrived in a white mazda and harassed the owner and his son. Later about 4 war vets visited in a white Nissan and then in a blue Peugeot. The war vets have told the owner that he has to share the farm with 5 war vets. All of the visitors have been from Harare/Beatrice. Yesterday they arrived from Chikomba resettlement. The Head of CIO is also the chairman of the war vets in the Featherstone area. Information has been received that he has been instructed to increase the pace of the fast track resettlement from yesterday. The occupiers on Dunkirk were moving cattle as they cut fences, and mixing them up. The Featherstone Police should be reacting. As of 7:30 this morning the MIC had received no signal to help the farmers with the invader problems. There will be a launching of the fast track resettlement at Antelope (Chivhu) on Thursday. Hoekies and Highlands are having problems with fence cuttings etc.

Wedza - Another beast was shot on Poltimore last night and another slashed. It may not survive.

Enterprise/Bromley/Ruwa - A new hut has been built on Bromley Park. The owner of Oribi was told by occupiers told to dismiss a labourer seen wearing an MDC hat.

Macheke/Virginia - After Police collected the main trouble-causers in the area yesterday, they were in a meeting with Dispol Minor. They were aggressive after the meeting and told the farmers that they were told they were allowed to build huts in the irrigated lands. Dispol claims that this is not a directive from him, and that this message is to be disseminated to the war vets on the ground. There were work stoppages on Fault, Camdale, Castledean and Lamjung. On Castledean the owner became a bit aggressive and as a results the war vets have allowed him to start working again. The Police reaction is very slow and they do not want farmers to react.


Tengwe - Still only grading is allowed on Kapena Farm. No land preparation is permitted no Parendale Farm and Alpha. Cattle have been driven off. Grading and seedbeds continuing on Medbury. The owner of Alpha is unable to return to his home. Dendanyani has 8-10 occupiers resident. Irrigated lands have been ploughed but pre-irrigation stopped on 10 August.On Jambo Cattle have been driven off. Land prep and pre-irrigation has been stopped, and grading and seedbeds continue. The owner of Dendanyani, Jambo and Kilinidini is only permitted to use just over a quarter of his land. The shortage of grazing will seriously affect the viability of his pedigree herd. Ploughing on Silver Lining started on Thursday 3 August and the occupiers claim that the ploughed lands are theirs and no tobacco will be planted. The domestic worker's house was taken over by occupiers over the weekend. No cattle are permitted on this farm. The owner of Camper Down has been instructed to move cattle off. The owner of Mpata has completed land prep, but the war vets now claim that all this land is theirs and therefore no tobacco can be planted. Farmer threatened again today, 15th August, that cattle to be moved off the farm. 50ha of land prep has been stopped on Inanda Farm. Tobacco re-growth has not been chopped out yet on Driftwood Farm. Six resident occupiers at Tulbach sent a written demand for the labour to move out of their homes on Tulbach by Tuesday 15th. ZRP has been informed and the farmer is ignoring them. Occupiers continue to make demands. Nevern Place has no presence left. Illegal brick making is taking place on the following farms (not war vets by their own admission): Gwiwa, Inanda, Driftwood, Kukura, Glendene, Ian Penny, Pollux, Dendayani, Tulbach, Nevern Place, Jaybury, Mudiki Estates, Datenda, Chitonga. There is no change on Ian Penny Farm. On Mudiki Estates 250 ha of the 750 ha of grazing land has been claimed by the occupiers. Grazing is critical and this must be resolved. There are 10 occupiers on Chitonga Farm being a nuisance. Ledon and Shargazan were reoccupied on Monday 14 August, with structures being erected on both. Dana has been occupied.

Chinhoyi - On Amagora Farm a veld fire was started by war vets.

Mhangura - There are more war vets moving on Highbury Estates and building houses. It has been reported to the Police.

Lions Den - There are reports of war vets constructing on Zebra Vlei Farm. The leader refuses to give his name but is responsible for allocating land to a possible bigger crowd. The matter has been reported to Murereka Police. On Upper Romsey war vets are walking through the farm destroying hay bales. They are also interfering with the movement of irrigation pipes. These people are reported to be sleeping in the labour housing at Athens Farm.

Chinhoyi - On Ilanga Farm a cow was slaughtered. A Police investigation is in progress. On East Range Farm two men claiming to be ex-army majors arrived late yesterday afternoon and told the foreman that the farm had been taken and the staff are to start pegging and register their claims in Chinhoyi.


Chegutu - On Kutawa a war veteran was arrested for maize theft. On Concession Hill there was a reoccupation which broke up in confusion and the war vets left.

Chakari - On Newbiggin Farm guards were chased by war veterans; Police have not reacted yet. Police visited Blackmorvale and told war veterans to take down their huts that were in the middle of lands.

Norton - On Sherwood Farm war vets threatened the driver of a Mobil fuel truck. There was a reoccupation on Serui Source. Shots have been heard at Lake Chivero Recreational Park. It is believed that war veterans are poaching. One farm has lost over $1 million as a result of maize theft. There has been theft of internal fencing standards on Merton Park.

Kadoma/Battlefields - On Damvuri and Madodo hunting is difficult because of the war veterans presence. Four reports have been made by the owner of Queensdale to Eiffel Flats Police since Thursday regarding a reoccupation of 60 to 100 people, but no one has investigated.

Selous - Numbers on Meadowlands increased this morning, with hut building continuing.


Masvingo East and Central - Vredenburg Farm was reoccupied by 75-100 war vets and all their belongings. They claim that this farm has now been designated, and it is believed that the war veteran Kid Muzenda is running this invasion. Oxen have been pushed onto the property and were seen carting timber out. It is also believed that Muzenda is responsible for the re-invasion of Yettom and Marah Farms. There are still communal cattle on Dromore Farm, and trees are being cut down and firewood being carted out in wheelbarrows. Poachers with packs of dogs were seen yesterday and timber cutting continues extensively. Another theft of wire has occurred and this has been reported to the Police. This is the second occurrence of wire theft that has occurred on this property - the last amount amounted to $166 000. Tree cutting continues on Good Hope Farm.

Mwenezi - There is continued tree cutting and clearing of land on Reinette, Moria, Lumbergia, La Pache Ranches. On Moria Ranch small quantities of sugar cane have been stolen. Two heifers were snared last week Thursday on Kleinbegin Ranch. A report was made to the Beit Bridge Police who declined to give any CR Number. A follow up was made yesterday morning by the FA Chairman and the owner and nothing further has been done by the Police. On Klipdrift Ranch as previously reported there still remains an estimated 80 head of cattle missing. On Quagga Pan Ranch poaching continues, many trees are being cut, a whole village is being erected and timber and grass are being cut and carted out and sold in the communal area. All the occupiers are from Village 4 of the neighbouring resettlement area.

Chiredzi - On Buffalo Range threats of fires have been received for the last two weeks and there have been ongoing fires here and there. In all events arson has been suspected. A person in possession of a 303 rifle was found trying to shoot an eland for the Heroes Day celebrations. There is continued chopping of trees, which has become a big business. Big mopanie trees are being chopped down at an alarming rate and sold in the townships. Reports received are that certain prominent members within the townships are selling off properties and timber for a minimum fee of $5.00 On one ranch a hunting camp has been constructed. Occupiers barricaded the road last week, entered the camp demanding vegetables, and demanded that the owner move all his cattle off the property immediately. The rhino population is at threat, and reports made to Police were followed up by the owner and the FA Chairman and nothing has yet been done. On another ranch the occupiers are poaching, being nuisance to international clients, interfering with game scouts, cutting trees and building houses. On Ruware and Ngwane Ranches as from Thursday last week, a team apparently sent by the DA Zaka has been there marking plots with a theodolite and moving masses of people onto the properties. Reports indicate that all properties from there to the Chiredzi tar road will be covered, designated or not.

Save Conservancy - The owner of Sango Ranch reports a wild dog caught in a snare on Mapari Ranch. It managed to break free and ended up on Sango Ranch with all of its intestines hanging out - it later died. "A Reserve" was called in to help resolve this situation of poaching / invasions and they were assaulted. The Support Unit was then also called in and they too were assaulted. Extra forces were then called in and some arrests have been made. The situation is out of control. 150 snares are being taken off the property daily.

Chatsworth/Gutu - The situation remains the same - continued chopping of trees, pegging of plots.


Nyazura - On Welkompas Farm, which has received a Section 8 Order, the farmer is trying to organise a capture team and the relevant paper work in order to relocate some wildlife to a safer area. War vets are being held back by Police and Agritex is busy marking out plots. The capture team refuse to start work until their safety is guaranteed. They are hoping to have this operation completed in the next few weeks.

Chipinge - Yesterday the District Attorney approached the owner of Smithfield and demanded a portion of the land saying that he would start pegging there on Friday. This farm has NOT had a Section 8 Order.

Headlands - The situation on Wakefield Farm has been resolved but on Gwaai Farm it is still ongoing. On Wakefield Farm the reaction from the police and senior war vets was very good.


Nyamandhlovu - On Spring Grange Farm a white commuter omnibus arrived at the gate, the occupants assaulted the farm guard and penetrated the security fence but did not enter the homestead. The farm owner was verbally abused and told to leave the farm. The visitors were apparently angered at the destruction of three half built huts. The community reacted rapidly, followed by the Police. The situation is now calm.


Shurugwi - Edwards and Outwardbound Farms have been overrun for 2 to 3 weeks now. Occupiers are building huts, cutting trees and clearing land. Cattle and labour have been chased off Outwardbound and are not permitted back on. Cattle are feeding off stova which is nearly finished and will then have no grazing.


The Agricultural Research Trust invites all interested farmers, clients and people to our winter open day to be held at the ART Agricentre on Wednesday 13 September 2000 at 8.30 am.

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