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Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 14:13:06 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#132 -- CFU Farm Invasion Report, August 17th




There will be a brief for FA Chairmen at 8.30 a.m. on Friday 18th August, 2000, in the CFU Dining Room, Marlborough. Please ensure that all FA Chairmen are advised.



Glendale - Please note there was a slight inaccuracy in the Seddies Farm report from Monday 14 August. The Mazsec guard was checking on a cow with a broken leg which was to be slaughtered on Tuesday. There was an altercation between war vets and the guard, but it was not initiated by the war vets wanting the meat from the cow.

Centenary - Three men claiming to be NDU members are going around to farms and requesting financial assistance. Police have resolved the situation on Everton Farm of the owner being prevented from planting his tobacco. War vets have caused a work stoppage on Montana Farm. The owner is awaiting a Police response. The owner of Runyayaro Farm has stopped war vets from cutting down trees on his farm. The war vets are consulting with senior war vets as they claim they can cut down anything.

Horseshoe - It appears that Police and senior war vets are moving around the district and resolving situations on farms. The situation on Bluegrass has been resolved. The war vets have accepted accommodation provided. A group of 14 war vets demanded a map from the owner of Makombi Farm with the intention of pegging. Police responded and negotiated with the war vets. The war vets have returned the map and vacated. War vets are disrupting irrigation of tobacco on Telstar Farm. Police have been informed but have not reacted.

Victory Block - Huts are being build on Muir of Ord and cattle continue to be driven onto the farm daily. Police are attempting to deal with this situation.

Mvurwi - There has been a report of a large amount of traffic heading towards Dandijena Farm in anticipation of the re-settlement hand over ceremony. It is to be noted that this ceremony is unconfirmed, the farm is uncontested and owner is absent at present. Approximately 15 to 20 war vets led by Shaiso and Manumano are arriving on a regular basis at Rogers Ranch with no apparent intention of doing anything on the farm. War vets have began to build semi-permanent houses on Mpinge Farm. It is also reported that the owner has been verbally threatened.

Tsatsi - Hut building and pegging is ongoing on several farms. Police are not reacting to these incidences. It has been reported that a ZRP vehicle from CID Harare arrived with several people inspecting their plots on Zanadu.

Mutepatepa - Approximately 9 war vets are building houses on Argyle Park and some are now staying overnight.

Mazowe - The owner of Watakai Farm has been given a eviction notice by a war vet known as Makoni. The owner of Belgownie Farm has been told by Zanu PF youths to attend their rallies or else he will be evicted.


Marondera North - Chiweshe is back on the Dormavale today and has told the occupiers to carry on building and they have stopped all work on the farm. The workers said that the occupiers were aggressive and waving axes around. On Chapunga the war vets have taken the manager away and have spilt all the milk onto the ground. The occupiers have moved the labour out of their of their houses and have moved in. They again have stopped all work on the farm. The Police have not yet reacted.On Cambridge 1500 metres of fencing has been stolen and the Police are reacting. Occupiers arrived on Forest Range and told the owner that they had seen his farm on a list at Norfolk and they would return on Wednesday.

Beatrice - There is not much change in the area; the same farms have a presence and there are ongoing demands. On Innesfree the tractor continues to plough. The Police say that they are waiting for a directive from Harare to allow them to remove this occupier.

Harare South - On Albion there have been three resident occupiers for about 6 weeks and they appear to be the builders for the people who are not permanent residents. They are chopping down trees at random and building. They have started clearing the area.

Wedza - On Poltimore another two beasts have been slashed and another two are missing. There is a bustle of activity on Chakadenga today with scotch carts and an increase in building activity. On Rapako war vet Chigwadere told the occupiers to start clearing their land for planting on the settlement boundary. They do much of their work at night. On Shaka a cerval cat was killed last night by poachers with dogs, and a duiker was found dead in a snare. Enterprise - Police visited Strathlorne and instructed the occupiers to take down their huts that are in the lands. There were work stoppages on Devonia and Bally Vaughan which were attended to by the Police.

Bromley/Ruwa - On Middleton and Woodleigh there are new huts being erected. Occupiers arrived on Whiteside to inform the owner that 50 families would be moving onto the farm. The Police are being informed. On Drycott there appears to be an illegal housing scheme starting up. People pay $500 for a plan of the houses and to pay for their respective plots. Police and CID Hatfield appear to be reacting to the scene.

Macheke/Virginia - Nothing from yesterday's report has been resolved. On Mignon the owner has subpoenas for the arrest of 6 war vets. The situation on Lamjung appears to have resolved itself. The occupiers from Glen Somerset walked onto Fairview and cut trees. Another group arrived and became upset with this new group and demanded that the DA attended to the situation. Land prep has been stopped on Metheven, Exeter and Athlone.


Ayrshire - There was maize theft on Montgomery Estates.

Lions Den - A cow was slaughtered on Maysma Farm and one on Marnette. New occupations took place on Dumalan Farm and Gushungu Farm. Most of the people on Dumalan are farm workers. Shots were heard early in the morning on Mhondoro Game Park.

Chinhoyi - On Lions Den Farm three sheep were slaughtered. Their hooves and guts were found.

Tengwe - On Dendanyani, Peter Ncube, Moyo and 40 followers arrived at the gate and demanded to speak to the lessee. They told him that he was still not to pre-irrigate or ridge. Dendanyani and Jaybury were their farms and they would not listen to the Police or the Government and they dictated the rules on those two farms. This farmer is only grading and no cattle are permitted on the farm. The owner of Driftwood Farm has been informed by Rashid and his followers that no pre-irrigation or ridging will be permitted. Glendene Farm has continuous problems with illegal brick makers and cattle. Police have spoken with the brick makers. On Magomero Farm two cattle were snared, one of which died. The meat was cut into portable pieces, and an ambush set on the carcass but no one returned for the meat.

Umboe - Permanent structures are being built on Tsani Farm, poaching is rampant, and the owner has been told to remove his cattle within a week. On Shubara Farm permanent structures are being built, poaching is ongoing and there are occupiers living illegally in a farm house. There are about 50 people on Ormiston pegging around the irrigation and flower packshed. Angwa Farm was occupied today. The leader, Kahuvi, stated he is bringing on more people and demanded a tractor and trailer to carry wood. Highbury Estates and Zebra Vlei have had an escalation in numbers, and there is hut building. Occupiers on Upper Romsey are destroying hay bales by removing twine, and using this for the construction of houses and making snares for poaching. The foreman of East Range was threatened.


Chegutu - There was a new occupation on La Forte. On Exwick wing commander Mazamban, who is a serving member of the Air Force, visited in an Air Force vehicle and threatened one of the work force regarding the gate being locked. He told the farmer that the farm was on the war veterans' list and they then proceeded together to the Police Station. On Kutawa there were death threats after the farmer objecting to war vets putting rocks in the road to stop tractors going past the shed that they are occupying. Agritex are now there with war vets pegging plots for resettlement.

Suri Suri - On Coreleinor Farm there has been continued harassment, with the owner being told to leave the property many times this week, and being told that he cannot plant summer crops.

Chakari - There was evidently an assault on a farm worker by war veterans on Montana Farm, which Police are investigating. On Newbiggin Farm Police have still not arrived after war veterans chased the guards two days ago. Kadoma/Battlefields - On Madodo Police response has been good after hearing of the economic consequences of the owner having had hunts cancelled. Some war veterans have openly defied the Police to their face. Much game has moved off the area. A new occupation on Umsweswi River Block 7 has not been dealt with yet by the Police. On Hove Farm thirty of the best cows were driven off the farm last night but have come back of their own accord.

Selous - On Wicklow there is more hut building. There was a new occupation on Selous Tobacco Estate.


Save Conservancy - On Mukwasi Ranch one snare line that caught one of the rhinos has been located. In this snare line 80 snares have been located and two kudu were found. Two poachers were arrested yesterday. Senuko Ranch has been occupied by 20 people. On Mukasi Ranch since the beginning of July, 700 snares have been removed, and a total of 45 animals have been caught in snares (valuing Z$1.6 million). Two poachers were arrested yesterday.

Mwenezi - A Section 8 Order has been received by Sarahuru Ranch, and there is continued tree cutting. There is continued tree cutting on Umjanjele Ranch. Alternburg Ranch has had a Section 8 Order, and tree cutting, wire theft, illegal fishing continues. A heifer was caught in a snare on 28 July. Tree cutting continues on Nkomati Ranch, Wenkelhof Ranch. Klipdrift Ranch Received a Section 8 Order. There are reports of 100 cattle still missing, wire theft and illegal fishing. Mcheni Ranch has received a Section 8 Order, and tree-cutting, poaching and wire theft continues. On Nuanetsi Ranch tree cutting, poaching and wire theft continues. On Nkumi tree cutting and poaching continues. On Merrivale Ranch the extensive tree cutting has come to an end, but illegal fishing and poaching continues. Tree cutting continues on Mariotti Ranch. Sonop Ranch has received a Section 8 Order, tree cutting continues and 2 weeks ago a cow was chased into a snare and then killed. Tree cutting, building and fires continue on Rutenga Ranch and Reinette Ranch. On Lumbergia Ranch a heifer was slaughtered on 15 August. Tree cutting continues on Moria, poaching, tree cutting and building on Umbono, poaching, tree cutting and burning of grass on Edenvale. Jabula Ranch and Fauna Ranches have had a Section 8 Order, and there are no occupiers on the properties. Tree cutting and fish poaching continues on La Pache Ranch. On Kyalami Ranch poaching is rampant and the owner shot 10 dogs over the weekend. On Quagga Pan B tree cutting, building, poaching, grass cutting continue. On Sosonye and Nyati Ranches tree and grass cutting continue. There is tree cutting on Dorington, and on Solomon and Santidza Ranches tree cutting, building and fish poaching. A Section 8 Order has been received by Bubi Ranch, and tree cutting and building continues. On Flora there is tree cutting and building. On Kleinbegin Ranch two cattle have been caught in snares, and wire has been stolen. Bea Ranch has had a Section 8 Order. This ranch has been unaffected. On Valley Ranch poaching is rife. On Sheba Ranch there is tree cutting and building.

Masvingo East and Central - Dulwich was visited by three people.


Chipinge - A farmer started ridging on his tobacco lands when he was approached by a war vet who threatened to kill him unless he stopped, as the farm was on the new designation list. Another farmer had a run in with the war vets on his farm who then tried to shoot him with a bow and arrow. De Rust Farm has been occupied today. The Police have been informed of all the above incidents.

Rusape - There is continuous tree cutting and building.


No report.


Mvuma/Lalapanzi - Members in Charge of Police Stations in Mvuma and Lalapanzi have been given lists for resettlement by the local District Administrator. The MIC Lalapanzi has been made chairman of the task force for resettlement in the area. There has been some conflicting information given to occupiers by local war vets on the one hand and a committee which includes an army officer, a Policeman and an Agritex officer, on the other hand. The local war vets have given the occupiers permission to clear one acre plots while the committee have told them to wait.

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