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Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000 14:10:37 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#135 -- CFU Farm Invasion Report, August 18th

Correction: 'Somerby Farm' as mentioned below is in fact SOMERBY ESTATE. These are two separate properties, although close to each other.




A meeting of Farmers' Association Chairmen and representatives was held at CFU headquarters today. 65 people were present, of whom 42 were Farmers' Association Chairmen.

The meeting fully discussed the issues facing commercial farmers over land invasions and acquisition notices, and the CFU's decision to withdraw litigation in order to create an atmosphere for meaningful dialogue and solutions. The CFU leadership was given unanimous support for its decision to withdraw litigation so that it could continue to negotiate with the relevant authorities. The CFU was given a mandate to re-implement litigation if believed necessary.

A further 229 properties have been published in the press as to be acquired, and this will likely be confirmed in a Government Gazette in due course. At this stage there is no other list available or for observation at the Ministry.



Centenary - The work stoppage on Mutua Estate has been resolved. Labour on Ria Dora Farm evicted war vets from the farm village, and as a result farmer was threatened, but the situation was resolved after negotiations with the Police.

Horseshoe - Police have resolved the work stoppage on Nyamfuta Farm.

Mvurwi - Dandejena Farm was officially handed over yesterday by His Honourable Border Gezi and Nobbie Zhinzhi with ZRP in attendance.

Mutepatepa - A man claiming to be a Zanu PF candidate for Mashonaland Central visited Piedmont Farm on Tuesday evening. He would only speak to the foreman and told him to tell the owner that he wanted to have a meeting on Saturday at 12 p.m. with the labour of Piedmont, Tarlington, Chenenga, Munzi and Felton to inform farm labour of which farms are going to be taken. The owner of Piedmont was requested to let the other farm owners know.

Harare West/Nyabira - The owner of Somerby Farm was visited last night by approximately 12 to 15 semi aggressive men, who forced the owner to sign the right of land over to them. Weapons were seen in one of the vehicles by the owner. The same men visited Lone Pine Farm and wanted to meet with the owner, who managed put them off by saying they could meet him in his Harare office in the morning. He has not seen them so far. Police were informed of both incidences and while Police were there, automatic gun fire was heard. Police investigated but reluctantly. A domestic worker on Border Estates was assaulted and evicted by war vets. He has been siding with the war vets since they arrived and they are now taking out their frustration on him and blaming him for their being told to cease building operations.


Marondera - The war vets ordered that all irrigation stop on Elmswood or the owner will be killed. The labour then tried to move the irrigation pipes and again they were told to stop or the war vets would kill. The Police visited Monte Cristo but could not find the man who has made himself a hut.

Marondera North - On Dormavale and Chapunga the work stoppages continue despite the presence of Support Unit.

Beatrice - On Welcome Home three invaders on foot and another five in a Nissan went to the farm and intimidated the labour. The Police did react. The owner reports the continued cutting down of trees and building. The invaders then went on to Denby.

Harare South - :8-10 occupiers led by Machoko arrived on Kiledonan and Musumbwirathe. On Scotbank two more huts have been built and the occupiers called a meeting with the owner.

Featherstone - The area has been quiet for two days and it is believed that it is to do with the launching of the fast track list that is due to take place in Chivhu today sometime.

Wedza - On Rapako people from the Zana resettlement area stopped the ridging operations yesterday and told the farmer that he was not to ridge because the farm belonged to them. The Police were contacted . They had to be collected from the station and came to the farm with no effect. The owner then had to go back to collect the MIC, who again had no effect. The occupiers then threatened the farmer with his life in front of the Police. Support Unit arrived at 6:30pm. Nothing was achieved. The occupiers have since then broken down a number of the ridges that had already been made. The Police have still not reacted. 8 men approached one of the Wedza Farm Security guards on Shaka and demanded that he stop patrolling around the farm as the farm belongs to them. On Dean occupiers with dogs have broken into, and are resident in an unoccupied manager's house. An attempted stock theft on Bitta was thwarted and the cattle returned to the farm. Laural, Leap Year and Mbima have been occupied and there are huts being built on the farm. On Hull there is an increase in activity. There are now 16 huts, and brick making and tree cutting are taking place. Last night an Angus bull was slaughtered on Poltimore and very little remained of it other than its head.

Enterprise - There were work stoppages on Devonia and Nesilla Park which the Police attended to.

Bromley/Ruwa - Four seedbeds on Xanadu have been slashed and the covers broken. Police are attending to the matter. On Drycott the police are attending to the illegal township building scheme.

Macheke/Virginia - Occupiers have issued threats on the guards on Metheven who found them netting in the next door dam. The guards have run away. On Murrayfiled occupiers are now removing the door and widow frames out of the house that was burnt down a while ago. There are huts being erected in the irrigated lands on Glen Somerset. The Police did attend to this but it has flared up again. The war vets are calling a complete work stoppage on Chilinda and Twist. The owner of Castledene Pines was told to contact the DA Murehwa which he did. He is allowed to grade and irrigate seed beds but there is to be no land preparation. Occupiers on Virginia have stopped ridging on the farm and have threatened to burn the tractor. A direct death threat was issued to one of the farmers. Police will be informed.


Nothing to report.


Chakari - One farmer removed some sticks of cut wood after the Police had informed war vets on Monday that no more wood cutting is to take place. The war vets demanded the wood back from the owner, and a potentially threatening situation was resolved when the Police arrived. The Police informed the farmer that he should give the war vets the wood back, as their directive was now unclear and they would have to seek clarification.

Chegutu - Just Right has had the 5th brigade from Battlefields pegging, and their fences repeatedly cut. There is an influx of people onto Tiverton.


Masvingo East and Central - Shallock Farm was reoccupied this morning by 100 aggressive people. The owner's son and workers were burning firebreaks and were told to stop. They did and moved to another section to begin burning firebreaks again. One crowd followed them, were threatening towards the labour and tried to pull the owner's son off the tractor. They threatened to burn all the tractors and houses. Masvingo and Bikita Police have been notified but have not yet reacted.

Mwenezi - The situation remains the same.

Save Conservancy - A big fire was reported on Mkwasine yesterday afternoon.

Gutu/Chatsworth - The situation remains the same.


Vumba - Merridowns Farm has been occupied. The war vets are intimidating the labour and causing a work stoppage.


Nothing to report.


About a hundred people moved onto Worchestershire Farm. On 16 August they moved off after intervention by the Provincial Governor. On 17 August the farmer received a phone call informing him that he is to vacate his farm immediately.

Shurugwi - The owner of Beacon Kop Farm has been told to vacate the farm within 24 hours.

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