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Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 10:43:45 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#139 -- CFU Farm Invasion Report, August 21st




There will be a meeting of Council tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd August, 2000 at 2.00 p.m. in the CFU Board Room, Agriculture House. Please advise all Regional and Commodity Councillors without delay.



Mutepatepa - The main war vet has returned and started pegging on Dundry Farm. There has been a reoccupation on Tarlington Farm, and the situation was defused after negotiations with the farmer.

Mazowe - War vets have reoccupied Trianda Farm, have accused the owner of been uncooperative, and have threatened to place the property on the acquisition list. War vets led by George were aggressive towards the owner of Somerset Farm because he has started land preparation. Summersdale Farm and Musasa Farm have been reoccupied by war vets. Police have been informed of a robbery that has taken place on Pentlands Farm.

Harare West/Nyabira - Some farms in the area have been re-visited by war vets, and there has been an improved response from the police.

Mvurwi - Only five farms reported the presence of occupiers on their properties over the weekend, which was generally quiet.


Marondera - The war vets on Elmswood have chased away the foreman and have now moved into some of the houses on the farm. On Monora the war vets intimidated the farmer's wife whilst she was feeding the cattle. They then refused for the fence that they had cut to be fixed. Eventually they relented and the fence was repaired but they continue to leave the gate open. There are new houses going up; some are already at roof level. The Police told the war vets not to interfere with farming operations, with little effect.

Marondera North - The area is quiet. The Worswicks are back at work but have been told that if the land issue is not finalised by Tuesday they will stop all work on Argosy, Dormavale and Chapunga.

Beatrice - On Central and New Retreat a fire burnt down about $160 000 worth of gum trees. The owner knows who is responsible but he denies all knowledge of the fire. The labour were threatened with death if they helped to extinguish the fire. The Police did react but the labour are too frightened to speak. Another fire was started on Goldylands this morning. After being extinguished it was restarted and put out again. On Kerry there are a number of permanent huts on the farm now. The FA is still trying to obtain a directive from the Propol to help the farmers.

Featherstone - There was much movement on the weekend of private vehicles moving out the occupiers. On Kuruman the occupiers continue to cut trees.

Wedza - On Rapako yesterday morning the squatters stopped the farmer ridging again. At midday the police finally got the invaders off the land and ridging continues. The owner was told by the Police that he was then to take down the structures in his lands and relocate them for the invaders and then he would have no more problems. The owner of Igudu pulled some huts down and this upset the war vets. The farmer was instructed to return all their poles so that they could rebuild their huts. They then accused him of keeping 100 poles (which he did not) and instructed him to make them another 100 to replace those he had taken. He refused. Shots were fired on Devon, but nothing was found.

Enterprise - After the meeting on Atlanta yesterday with all the base commanders, there was a demonstration by the occupiers this morning. They set up road blocks and caused work stoppages on a number of farms (20). The Police were informed and attended to the road blocks, whilst more manpower was sent out from Marondera to deal with the work stoppages. Numerous arrests have been made and charges laid for contravening the Road Act.

Bromley/Ruwa - Nothing to report.

Macheke/Virginia - There was a work stoppage on Morning Star this morning. On Paradise building of huts and pegging was reported this morning. The Police are attending.


Karoi - There are eight work stoppages today in the Karoi district. The labour on Peveril was continually assaulted during last week, but they retaliated. War vets, in turn retaliated on Saturday by burning down one of the labour's houses. About 60 war vets approached the farmer seeking revenge and he had to lock himself in the barn area with his labour. Another farmer arrived on the scene, had his vehicle stoned and war vets tried to force the doors open to remove the farmer from the car. A warning shot was fired from a side arm by the owner of Peveril and the war vets dispersed with the Peveril labour in pursuit. Police have made no arrests. Soon after the above incident a road block was set up by the same war vets, and 40 farmers cleared it in the presence of the Police, and demanded that law and order be reinstalled. No arrests were made. A farmer's car was attacked with a pick handle, smashing the window and mirror. Police did not respond. On Sunday 20th the owner of Gremlin/Furzon was called to sort out a fire by his foreman. War vets accused him of burning down the property and set up a road block. Amongst them were the accused that assaulted the farmer previously. About 60 local farmers reacted and called for ZRP. About 15 arrests were made, but later Mabunda released all the men, claiming that the farmer was burning illegally and their release was justified as they had every right to set up a road block on a main road.

Tengwe - Once again tractor land preparation has been stopped on Dendanyani Farm. Peter and group of 20 intimidated the foreman, interfered with irrigation, and the resident war vet, Mackechum, then informed the farmer that he was not interested in negotiations or dialogue. He also said that the occupiers have their own agenda, will not listen to politicians, Zanu PF, Vice-President Msika, Police or farmers. Occupiers have again stopped cattle grazing on Glencraig. Two Police details were unable to resolve. Ian Penny has been grazed flat and the owner is in desperate need to graze on Glencraig. On Wednesday and Thursday last week, Tengwe Police conveyed the message from Compol and Propol that the occupiers must stop all farm disruptions and work stoppages. On Friday some of the previously disrupted farms commenced working again. On Friday afternoon the Member in Charge Tengwe had still not received the above signal from Dispol in Karoi. Information received was that Dispol verbally informed them that it was acceptable for the occupiers to continue disrupting work on farms that were already occupied, but no new occupations were to take place - if they did then the occupiers would be arrested.


Kadoma/Battlefields - On Kanyemba there was a reoccupation of 90 people. Police did not react. Occupiers eventually moved off and moved onto Tungstan. Abendrui, Umsweswi River Blocks 5, 6, and 7 and Overlaw have been reoccupied. On Milverton there are approximately 2000 people currently carting wood and maize away in scotch carts, and cutting down trees. On Alabama 300 big trees have been cut recently and 30 permanent structures built. On Pamene an impala was snared. On Normandi North a heifer was stabbed to death whilst calving.

Chegutu - On Ijapo there has been a reoccupation. Police will not react unless there is confrontation. Hut building is ongoing. On San Fernando all work has been stopped including pumps, Dispol is reacting. On Tiverton many houses are being built and there are donkey carts moving about, tree cutting etc. On Makuti there is increased hut building. On Stewartonia there were two cows slaughtered on Friday night - this was reported by war veterans. On Farnham Farm war vets were seen with a sporting rifle. On Cambustreni tractors were impounded by war vets. The Police defused the situation. On Just Right there is much pegging. On Leny farm more army personnel have been seen and it appears that they are looking for the best plots. On Riverside there are now approximately 40 houses that have been built with a new invasion from the Coburn squatter camp. On Eureka war vets are selling plots at between $200 and $600. There was electricity cable stolen and it appears that a Police sergeant is involved.

Chakari - On Newbiggin Farm there is still no response from Police regarding the harassment of guards, nearly a week later. On Rondor Farm war vets have said that they will not take orders from Police and are continuing to build huts in the lands. On Deweras increased tree cutting is taking place. On Milanwood Farm war vets are becoming threatening outside the security fence. On Montana war vets have given the owners eviction orders and have started ploughing with tractors.

Norton - On Idaho Farm on Saturday war vets stopped work and Police arrested four of them. Subsequent death threats were received and a reoccupation of 50-60 people . Today tractors were stopped again with demands that the arrested war veterans be released. A deal has been struck whereby if there are no further work stoppages or threats charges will be dropped. On Merton Park Mrs. Rusike's war vets are demanding a house. On Saffron Walden a wooden house has been erected.

Selous - On Wicklow Farm there was a threatening situation yesterday which appears to be defused for now.


Masvingo East and Central - Springspruit Farm was reoccupied over the weekend, and occupants have told the owner that this property has been designated. Fencing was stolen from Chidza Farm. Police have still not reacted to Friday's incident. There were 127 people on Fomax Farm over the weekend. One was holding an SKS rifle, and plots were being issued. The rest of the province remains the same.


Nothing to report.


No report.


Mvuma - Occupiers moved off Wyldegrove Farm after being given instructions to go home and get food and return today ready for resettlement this week. There are houses going up everywhere and a similar situation on Union and England. Gweru East/Lalapanzi - A permanent structure has been erected in the maize lands on Safago Farm.

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