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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 08:36:00 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#141 -- Zimbabwe News Updates for August 24th - 28th

Hi everyone,

Just catching-up here. By the way, this is a list of stories that are carried in full on the Web site run by Karen (link below). If you want to read these stories, please go to her Web site. I cannot respond to requests asking me to e-mail specific stories to individuals requesting them. Thanks for your understanding.


Zimbabwe - http://www.1freespace.com/beetee

24th August:

CFU Farm Invasion Report - Wednesday 23 August
Squatters protest to Mugabe
Do you recognise these vehicles?
Squatters' homes torched
While the cat's away ...?
Nkomo's actions cause ructions
Land for food
16 ZESA generators broken
Foreign press under threat
Recounts alone not enough
MDC preparing for council polls
Struggle erupts in Mat South

25th August:

Conquest Resources Ltd. - Acquisition Of Gold Mine In Zimbabwe
Mugabe finds Z$3m for fuel, but no more in sight (Business Day)
Zim farmer now labours in UK (News 24)
War veterans kicked off white farms
Protest as police raze Zimbabwe squatter camps
Squatters driven from white farms
Govt ends evictions - FG
Cabinet to discuss evictions - Reuters
Evictions a show for the IMF - DTel
Residents cheer demolitions - DNews
Mugabe must go - MDC - FG
Another week's supply - if that - Star
Mugabe meets Museveni - Star
Hunzvi must be next - DNews
Buhera North challenge continues - DNews
Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

26th August:

Various :
Guards rescue Mugabe from veterans mob
Dollar devalued again
The fuel situation remains critical
Various :
War veterans kicked off white farms
Zimbabwe Police Burn Down Shacks on Occupied Farms
Zimbabwe war vets suffer rare setbacks in farm occupations
Zimbabwe cabinet to discuss police farm action
MDC calls on police to restore law and order
Broke' Zim could need food aid (News 24)
Hunzvi, Mugabe talk land reform (News 24)
ZIMNEWS : 25 August 2000
Appeal from MDC Support
Guards 'rescue' Mugabe - Times
Confusion reigns - N24
SA applauds evictions - N24
Food aid? - N24
Dollar down - ZimInd
Fuel up - ZimInd
Farmers want court action resumed - DNews
Things not to buy
Zimbabwe lists 500 more farms for seizure
Zimbabwe Democracy Act
Zimbabwean wildlife is being annihilated
"Hail To The Chief" - poem

27th August:

ZIMNEWS - 27/8/00
MDC Appeal
Some farmers plough on - Star
Some threaten to leave - ZimStandard
100 urban plots - Star
Fireworks expected at CFU congress - ZimStandard
Honeymoon over for war vets - ZimStandard
Zim troupe stars in Edinburgh - ZimStandard
Free Zimbabwe
Amid crippling shortages -- Fuel prices set to go up again
Hunzvi booted out
Nkomo squirms as Mugabe shifts blame for evictions
UZ blows $15m on luxury cars
PTC strike looms again
Zimbabwe Independent 25/8/00 - Muckraker

28th August:

Burning next year's food (letter)
Fuel crisis hits airport

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