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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 09:53:51 -0700
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Subject: ZimCrisis#142 -- CFU Farm Invasion Update, August 24th




For any farmer who is having special difficulties in preparing their cash flows for the coming season, assistance is available from the AISD. Please phone Neil Wright or Kuda Ndoro on 309800/19 for an appointment.



Shamva - War vets threw stones at the main foreman on Burnside Farm and a confrontation ensured. The foreman managed to escape but war vets set fire to his motor bike. War vets then proceeded to the owner's house and destroyed his electric gate and electric fence, and then continued to his brother's house and burnt the grass on the security fence. Several farmers, Police and an element of the Support Unit reacted. A number of war vets have been arrested and are to be charged for the destruction of the farm motor bike. Property worth $40 000.00 has been stolen from the homestead of Glencairn Farm. The owner has also reported that maize is being stolen and that he has been stoned in his vehicle resulting in some broken windows.

Harare West/Nyabira - War vets are interfering with day to day operations and intimidating labour on Mayfield Farm.


Marondera - There was a work stoppage on Idapi which was resolve by the Police.

Marondera North - Rapids: Another hut was built on Rapids and the Police said that they would return today.

Beatrice - Twaglens and Sanctuary have had ongoing hut building where they border Ringa resettlement, but yesterday the Police asked them to move off, which it appears they are doing. Tree cutting continues on Innesfree and Kerry. A white Mazda tried to gain entry onto Eden on two occasions in one evening, but the gate was locked. The following day a grass fire was started and approximately 350 ha of grass was burnt.

Harare South On Pressgrave war vets living and building there disappeared during the night to Harridge Base, requesting assistance to return to Harare. They said they were abandoning their tasks as they did not like being 'dive-bombed' by a local farmer.

Featherstone - Unable to contact.

Wedza - Gun shots were heard between Ashlynn and Nelson Farms. On Fair Adventure an occupier was arrested for maize theft. Another gun shot was heard early this morning between Mbimi and Markwe.

Enterprise - There was a meeting on Devonia yesterday which was addressed by Hunzvi and Chinotimba. War vets were instructed to continue interfering with farm work, and also to appear in Harare for the demonstration against Police action. This morning there were threats to interfere with farm work but nothing was reported.

Bromley/Ruwa - The same occupier who slashed the seed beds on Xanadu, was seen starting a fire in the citrus orchard. The Police reacted. On Likomba the person responsible for starting the township development on farms around the airport was arrested yesterday, along with Mahiya.

Macheke/Virginia Resident war vets on Mug have taken 2 oxen and a plough with a scotch cart onto the farm. They were going to go ahead and plough "their land, but Police resolved the issue. On Nyagadzi war vets were putting a hut up on the paprika land. The MIC said that this was all right. The same answer was received by the owner of Chilinda when he reported hut building. Springs, Airlie and Longridge all reported hut building. The Police attended and resolved these problems in the afternoon. There was a new occupation on Montpellier and Camdale. The vlei on Mignon was set alight after the occupiers were subpoenaed to appear in Court today.


Tengwe - Quiet.

Karoi - The Governor yesterday met with farmers, war vets and Police and said that the truce made on Tuesday must stand and all work stoppages must cease.

Doma - Rivonia Farm still has a presence of 20. On Chenene there are people living in the stables. There is a presence of four on Deerhurst. Chiridza was occupied by about 35 people. A war vet on Rivington is charging people for plots. On Binge there are many people fishing in the farm dam.

Chinhoyi - A kudu was poached on Sheepridge. On Belltree war vet Moses told the manager to vacate the homestead by Monday. War vet Moses told the owner of Hilltop not to irrigate lands. Tree cutting continues on Osro, and hut building on Dumalan. In yesterday's report, Bunya was pegged by DDF, not by Agritex.


Norton - Hut building is continuing on Serui Source and Nyadgori.

Selous - There is increased tree cutting on Mount Carmel.

Chegutu - There are now 55 houses on Riverside. Police say they can do nothing about the escalation. On Damvuri there is increased tree cutting. Police have not investigated. Police have said that they will not react to a new occupiers on Ijapo.

Kadoma - The Regional Executive visited Milverton Estates yesterday and counted tens of thousands of trees that have been cut down (many of them small ones), if not hundreds of thousands. There are currently 200 head of cattle missing. One war vet was wanting cattle to be moved out of Stover as a cow had eaten his shirt. On Queensdale and Madodo Police have told new occupiers to vacate. They have all refused. A new occupation was threatened on Hove. Police attended in force to intercept it but it did not arrive.

General - Police are confused as to how to stop new occupations, and as to whether occupied property with new invaders coming onto it counts as a new occupation or not. They also do not know whether to deal with new hut building.


Masvingo East and Central - Another 200 people have occupied Fomax Farm this morning. The situation remains the same everywhere else.

Chiredzi - Situation remains the same.

Gutu/Chatsworth - Situation remains the same.

Mwenezi - Situation remains the same.

Save Conservancy - No communications with their office this morning.


No report.


Nyamandhlovu - There are large numbers pegging on Bonisa Farm, the bank roads and on Mimosa Park.


Kwekwe - There was a new occupation on Mahamara. Two cattle were slaughtered on Mooirivier over the weekend, and occupants are deliberately leaving gates open to mix up the cattle. Bonwei had an increase in numbers over the weekend. The owner was advised that he was going to be evicted on Monday 21. He vacated his farm to avoid confrontation. Police called out to address occupiers. That afternoon 50 occupiers circled the house. Police reacted again and dispersed the crowd. Hostile occupiers on Loozani are threatening to pick up arms against the owner. On Sherwood Park School 20 war vets were removed from the school, which they have been occupying since March. However, they were replaced by 6 new war vets. Sunnyside/Riverside had an escalation in numbers. Truck loads of thatch and building materials were seen being taken onto Hunters Moon.

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